Promotion & Marketing

Below are tips from project participants on how they publicized their programs.

General Tips

  • Create colorful visual aids.
    • “I made a booklet with a color picture of each title and a summary so that students could look through it. This encouraged students to read more than just the initial title that they wanted.”—School Librarian
  • Create a display publicizing eReaders at the front desk.
  • Email faculty, teachers, librarians, and other staff to share eReader news.
  • Show a promotional PowerPoint presentation continuously if your library has a large screen monitor.
  • Create signs for the circulation desk that announce the availability of the eReaders.
  • Advertise in the library’s brochures, handouts, newsletters, and event announcements.
  • Write an article for the college/library/school newsletter and/or the local newspaper.
  • Promote at faculty/staff meetings.
  • Organize community Tech Fairs to promote eReaders.
    • An example of an e-Reader “tech fair” session: “‘E-reader Roundups’ for patrons. Participants can bring their own e-readers and also look at the library’s gadgets (a la the “petting zoo”), learn how to use OverDrive, and get other general questions answered.”—Public Librarian
  • Connect launching eReaders to a community-wide program.
    • “Put books from our Wildcats Reads list on the iPads to tie their use to our school-wide, year-long reading promotion.”—School Librarian
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