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The Foundation for Early Learning advances early learning in Washington State by providing funding for community groups, community action projects, and event scholarships. Since 2000, the Foundation has invested over $6.6 million to groups representing all of Washington's 39 counties.

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They're Here!

The redesigned Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines are now available. Their easy-to-read format provides parents with information about what children can do and learn at different stages of development. Check them out and spread the word!

We were thrilled to hear of the Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge grant awarded to the state of Washington! Washington possesses a strong history of early learning partnerships that serve as a model to be emulated by the rest of the nation. This opportunity will energize efforts already in place to maximize our early learners' potential. We are so fortunate to be a partner in that endeavor!

Although public libraries in the state of Washington have taken an active role in supporting the development of early learning, particularly in the area of emergent literacy, the success of such programs has been difficult to prove due to the lack of outcome-based, reliable assessment instruments. To respond to this need, the University of Washington, Washington State Library, Foundation for Early Learning, and the Early Learning Public Library Partnership, are currently collaborating on two projects:

  • Project VIEWS2 , a National Leadership Research grant awarded to the University of Washington by the Institute of Museum and Library Services; and
  • Connecting the Dots, a Washington State Library project that is working in tandem with Project VIEWS2 and is funded through the Grants to States program of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

These projects will result in reliable, outcome-based evaluation models for assessing early literacy programs in public libraries. With their emphasis on demonstrating measurable outcomes and progress, as highlighted in the Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge key areas, these projects perfectly align with the intent of the Early Learning Challenge.

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