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The Connecting Learners to Libraries project awarded 50 mini-grants in 2005, and 42 mini-grants in 2006. For information about the 2005 and 2006 grant cycles, please visit LSTA Grants.

Online Workshop

The Connecting Learners to Libraries Project offered a free online workshop to all library and school staff in Washington State for the 2005 and 2006 grant cycles. The workshop was designed to prepare librarians to submit effective grant proposals by addressing the obstacles that have tended to inhibit interagency collaboration in the past.

Hundreds of Washington library staff reviewed the workshop and found it extremely helpful. Although the original workshop is no longer available, we are currently developing a revised version that will feature selected modules from the original online workshop. As soon as it’s ready, we will post it on this web site. Please check back soon!

The Connecting Learners to Libraries project is supported by a research report prepared by Dr. Matthew Saxton of The Information School of the University of Washington. The report identified six learning needs for public and school library staff who wish to form collaborative partnerships:

  1. Communicate across institutional cultures and establish a formal plan for communication.
  2. Establish a process for establishing common vision and goals for research skills across both school libraries and public libraries.
  3. Public and school library staff members need to become familiar with each other's work environments.
  4. Identify local community groups that can provide an opportunity to reach students and emphasize research skills.
  5. Identify the digital resources (e.g., electronic databases) available to both school and public libraries and work to identify common access structures across resources.
  6. Learn how to apply outcomes based assessment techniques to continuous evaluation of research skills learning.

Full text of the research report - PDF | Word

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