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Connecting Learners to Libraries (no longer active)

The Washington State Library is connecting students and schools to libraries across the state. The initiative, called Connecting Learners to Libraries, seeks to improve students' ability to effectively locate, evaluate, and use information to become independent life-long learners. The initiative will also contribute to students' ability to meet the Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs).

The multi-year Connecting Learners to Libraries Initiative will encourage collaborative efforts among libraries, learners, and schools through information literacy activities, opportunities, and demonstration projects. The new initiative will build upon the work of other successful statewide initiatives to meet its goals, particularly the Information Literacy Project, the K12 Initiative, and the Statewide Database Licensing Project.

Online Workshop
Outcomes Based Evaluation Retreat
Presentation Slideshow
CLL Outcomes-Based Final Report, 2008

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Connecting Learners to Libraries
Carolyn Petersen
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