Library Council of Washington Meeting Notes May 2, 2002

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Washington State Library
Tumwater, WA

Carol Cahill, Public Libraries
Ann Marie Clark, Special Libraries
Eve Datisman, School Libraries
Michael Eisenberg, Ex-Officio, ISchool
Nancy Graf, School Libraries
Neel Parikh, Disadvantaged
Lethene Parks, Rural Libraries
Linda Pierce, Academic 4-Year
Mike Scroggins, Information Technology
Leonoor Ingraham-Swets, Academic -2 Year
Sharon Winters, Information Technology
Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory, Public Libraries
Jan Walsh, Ex-Officio, Assistant Director, WSL

Nancy Zussy, State Librarian
Jeff Martin, Grants Specialist
Rand Simmons, Special Projects Manager
Karen Goettling, Consultant
Tamara Georgick, Consultant
Susan Barrett, Consultant
Gary Bortel, Consultant
Mary Stillwell, Trainer
Martha Shinners, Consultant
Evelyn Lindberg, Consultant

Sam Reed, Secretary of State

The Library Council of Washington meeting was called to order by the new Chair, Ann Marie Clark.

The meeting agenda was reviewed and a number of changes were made.

Sharon moved that the March 6, 2002 meeting notes be approved as written; the motion was seconded and passed.

· Nancy Zussy has submitted her resignation as State Librarian effective June 30, 2002. Jan Walsh has been appointed Acting State Librarian.

· Jonalyn stepped down from her position as Chair of the Council. Ann Marie, former Vice-Chair, moved into the Chair position. Jonalyn assumed the Vice-Chair position.

· Laurie B. Miller submitted her resignation from the Council. The Council accepted her resignation with regret. Applications will be solicited to fill the position.
Assignment: Jeff will prepare a thank-you letter to Laurie.

Jeff provided an update on the April 17th Washington State Library Commission meeting.

· The Commission discussed the FY2003 proposals. Staff workload and the ability to provide services beyond the management of projects was discussed.

· The Commission adopted the LSTA Five-year Evaluation (Part 1 and Part 2) as modified. Final modifications were left to the discretion of staff.

· Unallocated Virtual Reference Service (VRS) and Early Learning Demonstration (ELD) grant funds were left within the project. Seven VRS and eight ELD awards were approved as recommended. Some grants included contingencies that need to be satisfied prior to executing contracts.

· A decision was made to allow limited use of indirect costs, overhead/administrative costs associated with obtaining services with LSTA funding, only to the minimum extent necessary to obtain the needed services. A review should be conducted in the future to ensure that the policy achieves intended aims. Sub-grants will continue as with past policy - indirect costs, overhead/administrative costs are not allowed.

The LSTA Five-Year Evaluation was submitted to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) before the April 30, 2002 deadline. WSL has since received confirmation from IMLS that it arrived and is complete.

Jeff presented the draft version of the LSTA Five-Year Plan. After much discussion, a subcommittee was formed to review the draft plan and make changes recommended by Council. The revised plan will then be posted on the LCW Web site for public review. WSL will send out a press release asking for public comments, and LCW and WSL staff will forward the information to any e-mail lists they have access to. The revised plan will be brought back to Council for final review at their July 11, 2002 meeting. Approval of the plan is required by WSL/OSOS. WSL must submit the final approved plan to the Institute of Museum & Library Services by July 31, 2002.
Assignments: Mike S., Lethene, Laurie, Neel, and Linda are assigned to the subcommittee. Council members are to submit comments/suggestions to subcommittee by May 10.

Secretary of State Sam Reed briefly addressed the Council. He restated his commitment to the Washington State Library and his pleasure that the library was "back home" where it had originally resided with the adoption of the Washington State Constitution in 1889. In 1911, the Library became a separate agency under the Library Commission and the Governor. During the proposed shut down, Reed was a very strong advocate for saving the Library and now is looking forward to working with the LCW and the Library staff.

The FY2003 proposals were reviewed and discussed. WSL Consultants were available to provide any needed clarification on their proposals.

Criteria used for ranking proposals:
· Provides direct results to patrons
· Promotes use of libraries and information
· Promotes access to libraries
· Promotes visibility and public understanding of value of libraries
· Promotes innovation
· Encourages collaboration among libraries

Three proposals (Opening Worldwide Resources for Small Libraries, Reaching out With Automation, and Rural Telecommunications Library Endorsement) were rejected at the initial review on March 6, because the Council wants to encourage small libraries to partner with other libraries instead of requesting grants for "stand alone" systems. A subcommittee was formed at that time, to consider the needs of small libraries and come up with new approach. Eve, Carol, Sharon, Yazmin, Tamara, Rand, Tamera Meyer, and Susan met on April 10, 2002, at the Pierce County Library Admin Center. The next meeting is being planned for early September, possibly in Ellensburg.

· Neel reported that she had looked into how other states use the LSTA funds and found a number of different approaches. California has a statewide campaign focusing on reading of Grapes of Wrath, an online homework assistance program (, and sponsors the Librarians' Index to the Internet (; Oregon has a regional support for reference service, "Link" (; and Michigan has a Web site, MEL (Michigan Electric Library), ( that links to other resources. Maybe some of the LSTA funds could be used for similar projects.

· If the LSTA Re-authorization passes as currently proposed, there will be an 84% increase in LSTA funds next year, providing Washington State finds the required match.

· Nancy briefed the Council on the passage of SHB2926, the status of the WSL budget, the transition into OSOS, and announced her resignation as State Librarian to those who had not yet heard. WSL recently experienced a 10% reduction in staff, mostly in administrative personnel, as a result of the Governor's budget cuts. OSOS is currently negotiating with OFM, trying to prevent further cuts.

Jan asked for the Council's opinion on library leadership: 1) What do you think leadership at WSL should look like; 2) What do you need in order to say you had strong leadership that represents your needs? LCW should provide their input to help shape the future search for a new state librarian. A subcommittee was formed to receive this information and provide recommendations.
Assignment: Subcommittee members are Ann Marie, Neel, Lethene, and Eve.

Special Libraries Vacancy
FY2003 Proposals, final recommendations
LSTA Five-Year Plan
WSL Bi-monthly reports
IMLS Primary Source Newsletter

July 11, 202, Weyerhaeuser Library, Federal Way, WA

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Yarbrough

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