Library Council of Washington

Meeting Notes
September 6, 2001
9:30 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.


  • John Backes, Academic Libraries
  • Susan Baker, School Libraries
  • Carol Cahill, Public Libraries
  • Ann Marie Clark, Special Libraries
  • Michael Eisenberg, Information School
  • Nancy Graf, School Libraries 
  • Neel Parikh, Disadvantaged
  • Linda Pierce, Academic Libraries  
  • Michael Scroggins, Information Technology
  • Sharon Winters, Information Technology 

  • Jan Walsh, Assistant Director
  • Jeff Martin, Grants Specialist
  • Karen Goettling, Library Consultant
  • Linda McMaster, Administrative Secretary

  • Gary Bortel, Rand Simmons and Tamara Georgick from WSL
  • Matt Saxton, Assistant Professor and Suzan Parker of the U of W Information School

    The Library Council of Washington meeting was called to order by Chair Neel Parikh. Council and guest introductions were made.

    Kendall Reid, Librarian of the Tacoma Community College conducted a tour of the library and media center.

    Motion: The Council moved, seconded, and approved the July 12, 2001 meeting notes as written.

    The Council had further discussions concerning several proposals: Coordinated Statewide Library Marketing, Continuing Education, K-12 and VRS.

      This proposal consisted of fundamental changes to encourage exploration and building collaboration in the first year of funding with implementation being the focus in the second year. Revised funding request is $108,500.
      Due to an increased program demand, the Council recommends an additional $20,000 for the Continuing Education program for FY2002. The revised funding request is $60,000. If program demand continues to increase, additional criteria will be necessary to limit program costs from increasing year to year.
      The K-12 committee submitted a revised budget that reduces the amount allocated to advisory committee travel. The Council recommends adding $40,000 to aid in curriculum development and train the trainer events in the first year, and offer training sessions in 2003. Revised funding request is $210,000. The OSPI letter of support/clarification was introduced and discussed.
      An additional $90,000 will be recommended for pilot grants to test software, collaboration and establishing Best Practices. The revised funding request is $373,557.

    Motion: The Council moved, seconded, and approved the budget amounts for Early Learning at $450,000, Diversity at $325,000, Coordinated Statewide Library Marketing at $108,500 and recommend a $40,000 increase for the K-12 project.    

    1 Statewide Database Licensing
    2 Virtual Reference Service
    3 Connecting Through Information Literacy
    4 Coordinated Statewide Library Marketing
    5 Information Literacy - Year 3
    6 Early Learning
    7 Diversity
    8 Digital Imaging - Phase 4
    9 K-12
    10 Washington Preservation
    11 Library Information Technology Working Group (Litwg)
    12 Continuing Education

    Council discussed creating a proviso should there be additional funds after receiving the letter of credit from IMLS, to add any leftover monies to projects and grant cycles.

    Motion: The Council moved, seconded, and passed to forward the fiscal year 2002 LSTA proposals to the Washington State Library Commission as a recommendation for use of 2002 LSTA funds.


    SDL Rand Simmons and Patty Ayala Ann Marie Clark
    VRS Buff Hirko Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory
    Connecting Through Information Literacy Rhona Klein Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory and
    Nancy Graf
    Coordinated Statewide Library Marketing Karen Goettling and Buff Hirko Ann Marie Clark and
    Mike Eisenberg
    Information Literacy - Year 3 Marlys Rudeen John Backes, Nancy Graf
    and Mike Eisenberg
    Early Learning Martha Shinners and Jeff Martin Neel Parikh
    Diversity Susan Barrett, Karen Goettling and Jeff Martin Neel Parikh
    Digital Imaging - Phase 4 Gayle Palmer, Tamara Georgick,
    Jeff Martin and Jeremy Stroud
    Carol Cahill
    K-12 Martha Shinners Nancy Graf
    Washington Preservation Gayle Palmer Carol Cahill
    LITWG Tamara Georgick and Gary Bortel Sharon Winters and
    Mike Scroggins
    Continuing Education Jeff Martin and WSL training coordinator Sharon Winters

    Chair, Neel Parikh led a discussion on evaluating the proposal process using a Plus/Delta format for comments. Additionally, a subcommittee was formed to look at shortening and improving the proposal process. The subcommittee will focus on the preliminary proposal form, criteria (evaluation rating checklist) and creating an agenda structure. Recommendations from the subcommittee will be available for Council review at the November meeting. Committee members are:
    Ann Marie Clark
    Jeff Martin
    Linda Pierce
    Susan Baker


    What Worked
    Needs Change / Additional Work
    Best practices model Process is too drawn out
    Digital imaging project's efforts (examples of how best to handle) Be most critical in earliest states. Cut two months off the process
    Received more proposals from library community Don't have a way to rank support pieces e.g., CE, IT - that don't fit criteria
    Received good ideas from the community Not a lot of elimination criteria
    Current process is working well, don't fix too much Need to provide more guidance to produce a more focused product
      Rate preliminary proposals before meeting
      Conduct analysis of Statewide Plan
      Develop "generic" core questions to ask earlier in the process (budget, timeline, scope and staff)
      Use LSTA plan, LSTA evaluation to develop short term objectives
      December timeline is difficult for public libraries - look at a January timeline
      Use WIIF website or WSL chat room for people to match with other connecting proposals
      Have available funds for people to apply for a variety of efforts
      Pay attention to percentage of funds to be available for more "open" grants
      Need to have "advocates" present at Council meeting for discussions on proposals


  • Start proposal process in January
  • Look at using the Statewide Plan and identify broad areas
  • Work with actual proposals - enhance the first form for more clarity and be critical earlier in the process using a checklist of criteria and questions
  • Look at how much funding goes to libraries in grants as opposed to training, etc.

    Next Year:
  • Have more discussion on how the Council can support legislation such as SDL
  • Bring more clarity to relationship with Commission and look for ways to assist each other
  • Meet with the Commission once a year to share ideas
  • Encourage more Council members to attend the Commission meetings
  • 2003 proposal process calendar:

    The Council will ask the Commission to re-appoint Carol Cahill to a second term, beginning January 2002. Council members, Nancy Carroll and Laurie Miller were not present to declare their intent to seek re-appointment. Jeff Martin will contact both parties to ascertain their interest in re-appointment. John Backes and Susan Baker will step down from their positions and will not seek re-appointment.

    Matthew Saxton, Assistant Professor at the U of W, Information School and Suzan Parker presented a preliminary evaluation report highlighting the achievements of the LSTA program thus far. A final evaluation report complete with Power Point and web presentations will be available November 15, 2001.

    Filtering and CIPA materials were made available to all Council members. It was noted that CIPA requirements will be applicable in 2003 for libraries who have patron computers with Internet access. Information related to Filtering/CIPA and LSTA should be received at the LSTA State Program conference in November.

    Tamara Georgick and Gary Bortel explained that the Small Library Institute is a demonstration project. Their focus is to obtain software for creating a cataloging system for 5 to 6 small libraries that have a collection size of 25,000 or less. WSL will provide training for technical issues. Sustainability will be up to the individual libraries, but WSL will continue consulting if needed for a limited time. Council members voiced concern for careful planning and implementation of the project to ensure its success for the target libraries.

    Rand Simmons said the SDL Committee has created a SDL marketing kit to further promote the SDL databases. This kit contains a promotional video, background information on the SDL project and ProQuest On-line information booklet to name a few.

    January 10, 2002
    March 6, 2002
    May 2, 2002
    July 11, 2002
    September 5, 2002
    November 7, 2002
    Meeting locations to be determined


  • Preliminary proposal process subcommittee to provide recommendations at the November meeting
  • Update FY2002 LSTA projects chart showing full names of WSL staff associated with projects
  • John Backes, Susan Baker and Mike Eisenberg will announce vacancies to various academic and school groups
  • Jeff Martin will check with Nancy Carroll and Laurie Miller about re-appointment
  • WSL to provide the final LSTA Five-Year Evaluation (if available) at the November meeting, and invite Matthew Saxton and Suzan Parker for a morning presentation
  • WSL will show SDL video at the November Council meeting if appropriate
  • Council to provide 2002 meting location options
  • Jeff Martin and Jan Walsh will clarify how to handle major revisions to approved proposals

    NEXT MEETING, November 1, 2001
    John A. Cherberg Building
    Capitol Campus
    Olympia, WA 98504

    Meeting adjourned 3:30