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Library Council of Washington

Meeting Notes
September 13, 2000
9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


  • John Backes, Academic Libraries                       

  • Carol Best, Special Libraries                              

  • Ann Marie Clark, Special Libraries                      

  • Linda Pierce, Academic Libraries                       

  • Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory, Public Libraries

  • Susan Baker, School Libraries

  • Nancy Carroll, Diversity

  • Nancy Graf, School Libraries

  • Michael Scroggins, Information Technology


  • Jan Walsh, Assistant Director

  • Jeff Martin, Grants Specialist

  • Karen Goettling, Library Consultant

  • Rebecca Jensen, Secretary Administrative


Susan Baker, acting chair, welcomed everyone to the Lummi Library at the Northwest Indian College. 


Motion:  The Council moved, seconded, and approved to accept the 2001 meeting dates as written and requests the Washington State Library Commission meet with the Council for ½ day on March 1, 2001.

The dates for 2001 are as follows:  



January 4, 2001

University of Washington School of Library and Information Science, host Mike Eisenberg

March 1, 2001

Olympia, host Washington State Library

May 3, 2001

Snohomish County, hosts Carol Best, Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory

July 12, 2001

School library, host Susan Baker or Nancy Graf

September 6, 2001

Community college, host Susan Baker or John Backes

November 1, 2001

To be determined


1.       Review of the proposal timeline as a topic for the one-half day meeting with the Commission.

2.       November meeting at a location other than an institution


The LSTA projects that may continue into 2002 are as follows:

  1. Continuing Education
  2. Digital Images
  3. Diversity
  4. Early Learning
  5. Information literacy
  6. Small library technology institute
  7. Statewide Database Licensing
  8. Possible K-12 Summit

Jeff Martin will contact each project manager and report to Council regarding the dollar amount needed to complete the projects.

The Council discussed looking to other means, such as private funds, for sustaining long-term projects.  The Council noted that fresh, new ideas for proposals would be welcome.  


Jeff Martin explained the list and location map of Washington State Library committee members as included in the agenda packet.  It was noted that most committee members are from the Puget Sound area. 

The Council reported that Neel Parikh is drafting an appreciation letter to Find-It Consumer committee members.  The Council would like to use Neel's letter as a template for other letters to committee members thanking them for their participation.  A significant project milestone or the termination of a project would be the determination for this letter.  The Council would like the Council chair to sign the letters.  Rebecca volunteered to generate the letters, on State Library letterhead, for the signature of the chair. 


Jan showed the Council the marketing video produced by the American Library Association.

Council Objectives

  • During the discussion on Council objectives for the coming year, collaboration emerged as a theme.  The Council specifically identified the following as group objectives:  

1. Leadership and work of the council will be shared among all members

2. More feedback and proposals will be received from library community

3. Results of the forums on the statewide plan will be incorporated into the work of council

4. The proposal process will work and be understood by the library community

5. The library community will be more aware of the council and its work

  • The Council identified the following as individual objectives:

1. Contact their constituents at least two times a year

2. Attend at least five of the six meetings 

  • The council identified the following as areas of interest for the future: 

1. Marketing

2. K-12 libraries

3. 24/7 reference

4. Connectivity extended through OCLC-type services

5. Collaboration among all types of libraries



Karen Goettling reported that the next Diversity meeting will be October 16, 2000.  The committee is considering a survey and needs assessment of library staff.  


Regarding the LSTA Five-Year Evaluation, Jan Walsh and Jeff Martin reported that they will travel to the Washington D.C. LSTA Conference in November 2000.  IMLS has asked for a letter in January 2001 outlining how the State Library will evaluate their state LSTA program.  The evaluation will consist of a short, broad overview of the entire Washington State LSTA program in addition to a focus on two exemplary projects.  The Council agreed to the use of an outside consultant to conduct the evaluation or an internal evaluation by State Library staff members.

Jan reported on round four of the Gates initiative.  The deadline for submission is November 30, 2000.


Nancy Graf reported that the next K-12 summit meeting is September 25, 2000. The meeting attendees, including Jeanne Crisp from the State Library and Gail Pauley from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, will decide on what the next steps will be.   


Motion:  The Council moved, seconded, and approved the August 1, 2000 meeting notes as written. 


Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory reported on the progress of the Reference Performance Training.  In October 2000 through February 2001 there will be a sampling of 32 outlets.  In April 2001 there will be training for 126 people.  In May 2001 time will be booked for 210 people to take the TRANSFORM training.  32 people will then be involved in Train the Trainer.  32 outlets will be involved in the post test. 


Susan Baker led a discussion on evaluating the proposal process. 

Motion: The Council moved, seconded, and approved to continue to adhere to the LSTA proposal process timeline and cycle developed in 1999.

John Backes, Nancy Graf, and Linda Pierce volunteered to serve as the committee to refine the marketing of the proposal process.  The committee will review current guidelines and processes, and develop additional parameters to assist in the development of proposals. The additional guidelines the committee will consider are as follows:  

  • Explanation on how proposal submissions are made  
  • Disclaimer stating that proposal submissions are not guaranteed for approval  
  • Statement on the amount of funding available for proposals after the continuing projects are funded
  • Statement on a recommendation for proposal collaboration between libraries  
  • Statement that it is the respondent's responsibility for development of the proposals

Committee assignments are:

  • Complete their work by October 10, 2000

  • Use the Council listserv to keep the Council informed

  • Create a cover letter for WLMA

  • Develop guidelines for a web page regarding the proposal process

The Council discussed developing a proposal process marketing plan that runs in congruency with the timeline created in 1999.   This would mean that marketing for the preliminary proposals, due in December 2000, would need to begin as soon as the newly created committee completes their work.  Assignments for marketing the proposal process to constituencies are as follows:

  • Email to specific constituent listservs – Nancy Graf, Ann Marie Clark, Carol Best

  • Address the public library director's meeting – Neel Parikh

  • Email to public library directors in order to reach small libraries that may not attend the director's meeting – Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory, Carol Cahill

  • Notify WLMA regional chairs  –  Nancy Graf

  • Notify ACRL and possibly speak at the next ACRL- Linda Pierce

  • Notify LITWG – Sharon Winters, Mike Scroggins

  • Email educational tech support through OSPI – Susan Baker

  • Reminder to council of items to be redistributed or sent on– Jeff Martin

It was noted that State Library staff members are currently working on nine projects.  The Council discussed the concept of fewer projects that would be collaborative in nature, resulting in larger projects requiring funds for a project director as being part of the proposal.


Ann Marie reported that after a day-long Statewide Database Licensing project committee session with vendors for presentations, Bell and Howell were selected.  She noted that Bell and Howell's ability to provide statistics and reports was an important element in the selection. Negotiations are still ongoing for time shifting and additional products. Ann Marie informed the Council that the contract would need to be signed by September 30, 2000. 

Patty Ayala joined the State Library Consultants Team to assist Jeanne Crisp with the Statewide Database Licensing project.  The Ebook conference, jointly sponsored with CLAMS and INCOL, is scheduled for mid-October 2000. 


Jan Walsh reported on the State Library strategic plan budget items affecting libraries.  These are the Statewide Database Licensing decision packet, the K-20 Network decision packet, and the development of a strategic plan for school libraries.  


Karen Goettling reported that a mailing of Statewide Plan forum materials went out the week of September 5, 2000, to over 2,000 libraries in Washington State, including schools.  The forums begin October 3, 2000.  Wenatchee has been added as a video conference site.

Karen requested that a Council member be at each of the forums.  Volunteers are as follows: 





Nancy G.


Nancy G.

Yakima, if needed

Jonalyn and Carol B.



Wenatchee, if needed


Host Nancy Carroll led the Library Council of Washington on a tour of the Lummi Library and the Northwest Indian College.  


Regarding the April 4-8, 2001 Washington Library Association Conference, Karen explained that the State Library has submitted programs for the following:

  1. Information Literacy –pre-conference
  2. Marketing with Data – pre-conference
  3. Statewide Database Licensing
  4. Digital Images Initiative
  5. Early Learning Initiative
  6. Future Trends and Money for your Library

The Council discussed presenting a panel discussion for Future Trends and Money for Your Library.  The panelists would discuss such things as the following:  

  • Specific re-writes of proposals  

  • Statewide Plan forum topics 

  • Taking advantage of statewide initiatives  

  • Current initiatives and what is happening  

  • What is happening with the proposal process

It was noted that the conference would be a good opportunity for the Council to market the proposal process. 

NEXT MEETING, November 6, 2000

Port Townsend City Council Chambers

  • Agenda items:

  • K-12 Report

  • Early Learning Report

  • Marketing Report

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Jensen

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