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Library Council of Washington

Meeting Notes
May 2, 2000
9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.


  • John Backes, Academic Libraries
  • Susan Baker, School Libraries
  • Carol Best, Special Libraries
  • Arthur Blauvelt III, Rural Libraries
  • Carol Cahill, Public Libraries
  • Nancy Carroll, Cultural Diversity
  • Ann Marie Clark, Special Libraries
  • Michael Eisenberg, School of Library & Information Science
  • Nancy Graf, School Libraries
  • Neel Parikh, Disadvantaged
  • Linda Pierce, Academic Libraries
  • Sharon Winters, Information Technology
  • Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory, Public Libraries


  • Jan Walsh, Assistant Director
  • Jeff Martin, Grants Specialist
  • Karen Goettling, Consultant
  • Rebecca Jensen, Secretary Administrative


  • Jeanne Crisp, Washington State Library
  • Thelma Kruse, Timberland Regional Library
  • Tom Martin, Washington State Library


Library Council host Art Blauvelt welcomed the Library Council of Washington to the McCleary City Council Chambers . Chair Neel Parikh led the introductions beginning with new member, Linda Pierce. Art was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for his service as the first Chair of the Council. He was thanked for his leadership.


Thelma Kruse, Director of the Timberland Regional Library, spoke about the Timberland Regional Branch Libraries and the challenges of providing service to an inter-county district.


Susan Baker and Nancy Graf reported on the April 26, 2000 K-12 Summit. Nancy, a member of the newly formed K-12 steering committee, reported on the discussion surrounding the question posed at the Summit of "What will libraries look like in the year 2005?" Jeanne Crisp was thanked for her contribution to the Summit.

Council discussed the librarian's role in providing leadership and the role as an information manager. The importance of the school librarian being seen as an informational professional was noted.

Council discussed a joint meeting with a member from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Washington State Library, the Washington State Library Commission, and the Council.


Jan Walsh reported that the Washington State Library (WSL) sustained a $103,000 cut in their budget. As a result, WSL has instituted a hiring freeze. She also reported that WSL was given money to move some of the staff and work stations out of the building to ease crowding.

Jeff Martin reported that the Statewide Database Licensing was not funded. The importance of a grass roots committee and mobilization of the Washington Library Association was noted.


The results of the 2000 Library Survey were discussed. It was suggested that the library community be informed that telephone consultation was available from the Washington State Library Consultants Team regarding grant writing.


A Council marketing committee was formed following a discussion on joint LSTA project marketing. The committee consists of the following:

  • Carol Cahill
  • Ann Marie Clark
  • Mike Eisenberg
  • Jan Walsh
  • Sharon Winters

The LSTA Project Marketing Committee will form a general message of the combined different initiatives to help generate projects for FY2002.


The Council decided to change the November meeting date to Monday, November 6, 2000. The location will be the Port Townsend Library, with Carol Cahill as the host.


MOTION: The March 7, 2000 Library Council of Washington meeting notes were approved with the following changes:
The November 2000 Council meeting will be held at the Port Townsend Library.


The FY2001 Library Services and Technology Act proposals were reviewed. The proposals will be forwarded to the Washington State Library Commission for feedback at their June 8, 2000 meeting.

Council discussed creating a proviso regarding additional funds. The suggestions were made to add any leftover money to grant cycles, to use as matching funds with grants, or to use for preparing a marketing plan for the Statewide Database Licensing project. This matter will be discussed further at the next meeting, August 1, 2000.

Reference Performance Training
MOTION: The council moved and approved Option 2 (Attachment A) from the meeting handout for the Reference Performance Training.
This will continue the FY2000 portion of the training project and recommend an additional $63,400 for limited project expansion in FY2001as described in the revised Reference Performance Training proposal.

Statewide Database Licensing
The importance of marketing the Statewide Database Licensing project was discussed. Ways to market the project included:
Direct mailings
Radio station surf reports
Radio station "Site of the Week" spots
Public service announcements
It was suggested that qualitative research be conducted to obtain anecdotal evidence. It was also suggested that librarians call their individual legislative offices and offer to demonstrate the site.


Karen Goettling reported that the Statewide Plan Revision materials will be available at the Washington Library Association Conference in Tacoma, Washington. The next Statewide Plan Revision sub-committee meeting will be May 10, 2000.

The Council discussed the draft Statewide Plan library survey as presented in the May 2, 2000 meeting packet.


Jeff Martin distributed a draft informational Council brochure that will distributed at the Washington Library Association Conference.


Mike Eisenberg will host and facilitate the next K-12 steering committee meeting
Nancy Graf will distribute a final report of the K-12 Summit to the Council
John Backes will give a presentation on the K-12 Summit at the next LMDC meeting

Carol Cahill will send Jeanne Crisp the instructional page for the Statewide Database Licensing project she created

Neel Parikh will report on the WSLC feedback on the FY2001 proposals at the August 1, 2000

The LSTA Project Marketing Committee will form a general message of the combined different initiatives to help generate projects for FY2002


August 1, 2000, Ballard High School Library, Seattle Washington

Agenda Items
K-12 Summit update
Set 2001 meeting dates
Report from Neel on WSLC's feedback regarding FY2001 proposals
Decision on a proviso regarding leftover FY2001 funds
Decision on how to proceed with a Statewide Database Licensing project marketing plan

Respectfully submitted,
Rebecca Jensen

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