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Library Council of Washington

Meeting Notes
January 12, 2000
Arnold Digital Library
9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Library Council of Washington Present

  • John Backes, Academic Libraries
  • Susan Baker, School Libraries
  • Arthur Blauvelt III, Rural Libraries
  • Carol Cahill, Public Libraries
  • Ann Marie Clark, Special Libraries
  • Nancy Graf, School Libraries
  • Neel Parikh, Disadvantaged
  • Michael Scroggins, Information Technology
  • Sharon Winters, Information Technology

Washington State Library Present

  • Jan Walsh, Assistant Director
  • Karen Goettling, Consultant
  • Jeff Martin, Grants Specialist

Invited Speaker

  • Dr. Beverly Torok-Storb, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


John Backes made the motion to accept the meeting notes as written. Nancy Graf seconded. Unanimously passed.


A motion was made nominating Neel Parikh for chair. A short discussion took place on other potential nominations. Hearing no other motions, nominations for chair were closed. Neel Parikh was approved as chair and will begin her duties at the next meeting;

A motion was made nominating Susan Baker for vice-chair. Hearing no other motions, nominations for vice-chair were closed. Susan Baker was approved as vice-chair and will begin her duties at the next meeting;


A discussion took place regarding how to address the gaps outlined in Section 3 of the agenda. Additional discussion took place on the timing for addressing this issue (FY2001 or FY2002).

It was noted that some of the activities identified are already at least partially incorporated into existing initiatives. Much of the discussion on this topic centered on services to assist school libraries. This discussion included an update on the K-12 Summit that is being developed in coordination with the Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction. It also included a description of activities occurring in other states, especially California, that have a bearing on how Washington State might proceed. It included the idea of school standards and the American Library Association information power model for school libraries. The upcoming certification program for school librarians was also discussed.

The Council would like to help coordinate the K-12 Summit. Specifically, Nancy Graf and Susan Baker need to keep abreast of the development of the Summit and would like to assist in its planning.

This K-12 Summit was also discussed as a possible FY2001 Initiative. Immediate distribution of the K-12 Summit proposal was requested by the Council. They will relay any concerns or comments that they would have as soon as they have a chance to see it. The Council has given a tentative OK to this proposal subject to their further review. It was expressed that there should be a public library tie-in at a minimum. Opportunities exist for bringing in other fields and related activities.

Reading literacy was also identified as a gap that needs to be addressed. Karen, Mike and Neel will explore this issue in more detail.

John Backes requested that the Council revisit this item later in the agenda as part of the discussion on updating the statewide plan, Designing Our Future.


Mike Scroggins talked briefly about this Conference and its implications for much of the work that the Council is developing and coordinating. He expressed that large major corporations are getting involved in literacy issues.


A chart outlining fiscal year 2000 initiative resourcing was distributed.



This agenda item started with a brief overview on what had been done to get constituents to submit preliminary proposals for the Council's consideration. It was noted that some constituents were reluctant to provide the requested detail or present the detail in the format requested. It was also noted that relatively few proposals and contacts were received. The short time frames and the need to do a better job in getting the word out were cited as two possible reasons for the low number of proposals received. Another reason cited was that actual implementation seemed so far away and uncertain. It was concluded that more face to face contact was needed to get the word out and that a presence at a variety of meetings and conferences was needed. Any Washington State Library presence at the Washington Library Association Conference should include information on the Library Council of Washington and the proposal process. One idea was to develop a brochure "Do you have a good idea?" which would include a sampling of past initiatives.

It was also suggested that more education/marketing was needed. People are used to thinking locally and in discrete terms regarding individual projects. They need help to think about needs in statewide terms and they need help to frame the issues. The Council could provide additional assistance in this area.

It was suggested that an idea form be developed as a way for constituents to brainstorm. The proposal process and the use of an idea form will be reviewed at the appropriate time later in the summer.

Several ideas for proposals were introduced orally at the meeting. In general, ideas that are not submitted by the deadline and that are not in writing will not advance in the process. The Council allowed the K-12 Summit idea to be considered as a proposal because substantial work had already been completed to pursue the development of the idea. Other proposals may be submitted at the March 2000 meeting in the full proposal formats but the Council is under no obligation to consider them in this year's review process.

Proposal Review

A brief introduction and discussion was held regarding the proposals that were submitted. The following proposals were reviewed and the following actions taken:

Continuing Education Grants
WSL: Mary Moore
LCW: Sharon Winters
Develop full proposal Prefer annual review rather than biennial; Add a greater marketing component

Cultural Diversity
WSL: Karen Goettling, Susan Barrett
LCW: Neel Parikh
Develop full proposal No modification of this concept is needed.

Digital Images
WSL: Gayle Palmer
LCW: Carol Cahill
Develop full proposal Clarify marketing component; address sustainability of funding; add on-going evaluation component

Information Literacy
WSL: Mary Moore
LCW: John Backes, Nancy Graf
Develop full proposal Add definition of information literacy; add levels of competency information

Reference Performance Training
WSL: Mary Moore
LCW: Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory
Develop full proposal Clarify the relationship of this proposal to last year's - where does it fit in the continuum; clarify the linkage to LSTA; increase the number of people trained if possible; get Mike Eisenberg's perspective on this proposal

Statewide Database Licensing
WSL: Jeanne Crisp
LCW: Ann Marie Clark
Develop full proposal Address sustainability of funding

C/TC Extended Library Services
WSL: To be determined
LCW: John Backes
Develop full proposal Add LSTA goals; scope definition; note that this is a single year proposal - cite as pilot, relate to larger collaborative efforts

Not a proposal Removed from consideration

Public Information Kiosk 2001 Not selected Idea OK but successful implementation has not been proven; if considered in the future would need to talk about this proposal in terms of consortiums or partnerships

Small Library Database
Support Not selected Local libraries must be active in their support; more appropriate to work through SDL Committee on this issue

Small Independent Libraries
WSL: To be determined
LCW: Nancy Carroll Request revision If this proceeds to the next step, request major revision: work from a consortia perspective - how can small libraries organize to help themselves; include small school districts; work to utilize existing resources: CE, state purchasing contracts, etc.

Children's Initiative Phase 2
WSL: Jeanne Crisp
LCW: Neel Parikh, Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory
Develop full proposal Revise to include other library types especially school libraries

Sharing Medical Library Serial Holdings
WSL: Jeanne Crisp
LCW: Ann Marie Clark
Request revision Revise to focus on research/process to move OCLC to produce product
(Attachment C)

K-12 Summit WSL/OSPI
WSL: Jeanne Crisp
LCW: Susan Baker, Nancy Graf Develop full proposal Contingent on review of full proposal; send brief proposal to LCW for immediate review and comment; Mike Eisenberg should look over and provide comment


Mike Scroggins distributed the 1997 Data Book that is published every other year. He will distribute the 1999 Data Book when it is released within the next few weeks.

Mike introduced the idea that libraries could also be listed in this information resource. The Washington State Library would need to approach the Office of Financial Management (OFM) to continue this discussion. Steps that would need to be taken were briefly discussed. The development of the 2001 OFM Data Book begins this summer. Library data would need to be available at that time.


After review of the applications for the Library Council vacancy, a selection was made for recommendation to the Washington State Library Commission. The Council felt that the candidates were highly qualified.


The Council discussed revising Designing Our Future: Statewide Plan for Washington Libraries. Additions and suggestions were noted as follows:

  1. Make sure that the Tentative Deadlines calendar is aligned with Council meetings
  2. Add the role of the Council and the Washington State Library Commission to the Tentative Deadlines calendar
  3. Make sure that the process includes direct public input
  4. Switch two of the elements of the proposed process - sub-group of Council members sentence with Condense results document sentence
  5. Look at short/medium term objectives in addition to longer term objectives - ask focus groups what strategic issues they want addressed within the next 24 months

Karen, Sharon, Jonalyn, John and Jeff work on direction and process. Meet prior to next Council meeting.


Should be completed next July. No further action was needed at this meeting.


The next meeting will be held at Highline Community College. The agenda will include:
at least 2.5 hours to review full proposals
provide an update on Designing Our Future in the afternoon
a resources update

Respectfully submitted,
Jeff Martin

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