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Best Practices

How are libraries implementing e-book and e-reader practices? Here are some samples of best practices including results of e-book summits:

Wisconsin e-book Summit
At the national level, the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA) recently studied and completed a report on e-book issues. The Wisconsin E-Book Summit addressed four issue topics identified in the COSLA study as well as the "same services" requirement for membership in a Wisconsin library system.
Colorado State University eBooks and e-readers in Public and Academic Libraries Adobe Reader - Click to Download
PDF of Joint Ebooks Reader Committee Report on eBooks and e-readers in Public and Academic Libraries in Colorado.
Report from ALA's OITP eBook Task Force Meeting
During the just concluded ALA 2011 Conference in New Orleans the ALA OITP (Office of Information Technology Policy) eBook Task Force talked with senior HarperCollins staff about a number of important issues.
TOOLS FOR LEARNING: E Is for Explosion: E-readers, Etextbooks, Econtent, Elearning, E-Everything
Aimed at teacher-librarians, this article is about the sudden proliferation of e-books, e-readers, e-textbooks, and interactive digital content that are demonstrating technology in education is approaching its flash point.
The Kindles Are Coming: E-readers and tablets are springing up in schools—and librarians are leading the way
E-readers and tablets are pumping new life into reading and learning: "…e-readers are bundling the three P's of librarianship—participation, portability, and personalization—into one magical package."
20 Coolest iPad Ideas for Your Library
Whether using the iPad or a competitor's tablet, librarians are resourceful in putting a cool new tool to work in the library. Ideas include using the tablet for roaming reference, mobile workstations and remote help for patrons.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

Articles discussing ADA and e-books or e-readers

Accessibility of eBook Readers
Accessibility Subcommittee Report, provided by the Colorado State University.

Loaning e-readers/tablets

Want to start loaning e-readers or tablets? Check out these success stories for inspiration.

Starting an e-Reader Lending Program at Your Library
Video presentation from June 29, 2011 from the Westchester Library System. Includes resource PDFs.
Setting up an iPad lending program
Over the past several months, Briar Cliff University staff have been looking at many ways to proactively help patrons become more comfortable with new technology, such as e-books, e-book readers, PDF annotation software, and mobile interfaces.

Available services

Need help getting starting? Here are some resources on available library services and how to implement services in your library.

A Public Librarian's Guide to E-Book Services, 2011 Adobe Reader - Click to Download
PDF showing available e-books services for public libraries as of August 18, 2011. Assembled by Jessie Mannisto, Google Policy Fellow, American Library Association.
ALA Publishing shares the slides from this October 2011 webinar. After listing the specs for the 5 best-rated tablets (with a handy comparison chart on slide 35), the presentation explores the implementation of various library tablet programs.


Current policies and procedures from libraries around the United States on e-books and e-readers.

LinkedIn WebJunction Discussion
Discussion of e-readers and liability from the LinkedIn WebJunction thread.
ALA Midwinter 2011: Thorniest Reference Question of the 21st Century: How Do I Use My Ereader?
Library Journal article, January 17, 2011 about customer service versus liability in assisting patrons with e-readers.