Frequently Asked Questions

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This section will contain a general FAQ about downloadable audiobooks and devices. If you need help specific to NetLibrary or OverDrive services, go to their respective help pages:

-- General FAQ --

Q. What is a downloadable audiobook?
A. Also known as an eAudiobook, these are audiobooks that you download to your computer rather than listen to via tape or CD. You may listen to downloadable audiobooks on your computer, or transfer them to a compatible portable device.

Q. How long does it take to download an eAudiobook?
A. It's hard to say, as this varies greatly depending on your connection speed and the quality of the audiobook. As a rough estimate, expect about 1 minute per audiobook hour using broadband, and about 45 minutes per audiobook hour using dial-up. Below is a graph showing approximate download times.




Duration Quality File Size Download Times (hours : minutes : seconds)
Dial-up Modem
56 Kbps
DSL 256
Cable Modem
1.5 Mbps
15 Hours CD Quality (34 Kbps) 217.8 MB 08:51:01 01:56:09 00:19:21
Radio Quality (4 Kbps) 41.1 MB 01:40:12 00:21:55 00:03:39
10 Hours CD Quality 145.2 MB 05:54:00 01:17:26 00:12:54
Radio Quality 27.4 MB 01:06:48 00:14:36 00:02:26
8 Hours CD Quality 116.16 MB 04:43:12 01:01:57 00:10:19
Radio Quality 21.92 MB 00:53:26 00:11:41 00:01:56
5 Hours CD Quality 72.6 MB 02:57:00 00:38:43 00:06:27
Radio Quality 13.7 MB 00:33:24 00:07:18 00:01:13