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Subscription Renewals and Recruitment

Recorded Books is offering significant renewal discounts for 2015. Public and Academic libraries have a choice between options that bundle Zinio, the popular magazine reading platform, with OneClickdigital at no additional base cost, or that maintain current library costs even without further LSTA subsidies. For more information, visit the "How to Join" page.

The EBSCO NetLibrary Recorded Books packages were originally launched on April 1, 2010. However, some libraries may have different subscription start dates. For information on the renewal and recruitment, visit the "How to Join" page.

2015: LSTA Subsidy Is Gone

At this point, in 2015, there are no further LSTA subsidies for this project. In 2014, LSTA subsidy rates for this project were reduced to 20%. The previous year (2013), subsidy rates were reduced to 40%, prior to which, there were three years (2010-2012) with LSTA subsidies at 50% for libraries participating in this project.

It has always been the intent of this project to reduce federal LSTA subsidies over time, until the project is entirely self-sustaining, paid for by the participating libraries. The project and its vendor contracts will continue, but without further subsidy funds.


As of June 18, 2012, all Recorded Books OneClickdigital MARC records for subscription titles are OCLC Control Records. Existing purchase titles will be available as OCLC Control Records shortly.

You now have the option to replace your existing MARCs with the new OCLC records if you wish. 

Please keep in mind that if you currently customize your MARCs, you will need to customize the new MARCs as well. You will see a new folder on the FTP site that will be identified as OCLC MARCs.

If you have any questions regarding downloading the new records, please email

EBSCO Purchased NetLibrary

On March 17, 2010, OCLC announced that EBSCO had acquired the NetLibrary Division from OCLC.

Recruitment Report

We are pleased to announce a very successful initial recruitment phase for the project as follows:

OverDrive: 8 public libraries initially joined the existing 9 library members of the Washington Digital LIbrary (OverDrive) Consortium (WDLC), thus effectively doubling the membership. Since then, several additional libraries have joined. As of June, 2012, WDLC membership stood at 29 libraries.

OCLC NetLibrary Recorded Books: 44 public libraries, 9 academic libraries, and over 330 K-12 school libraries signed up to purchase one or more of the OCLC (then EBSCO) NetLibrary Recorded Books collections. This means that there was an automatic 10% discount off the public and academic library prices for these collections as listed on the project recruitment web page. 41 libraries (other than K-12) were needed for this discount to apply. Needless to say, we doubled the 20 libraries required to insure the inital low K-12 pricing.

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to allow residents of Washington State access to downloadable audiobooks by negotiating a statewide price that would make the product more affordable for libraries, and by using LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act) funds to partially subsidize the costs.

This is an open-ended project, with no planned end date. However, LSTA subsidies have been tapered off, and the project will continue with funding from participating libraries.

Vendor Links:

Recorded Books:
Recorded Books: OneClickdigital
Recorded Books: Marketing Materials
Recorded Books: Technical Support

Washington Anytime Library:

Project History

The Washington State Library released on an RFP (Request for Proposals) for downloadable audiobook eContent services on June 1, 2009 . The goal of this RFP was to secure one or more contracts for services to expand the reach of downloadable audiobooks content to libraries throughout Washington State, including public, academic, and K-12 libraries.

The RFP was made available online through WEBS (Washington’s Electronic Business Solution) at and from the Office of the Secretary of State’s “current procurements” page: All questions about the procurement process and about this project in general, should be directed to RFP Coordinator and Project Manager, Will Stuivenga, who can be reached at or 360.704.5217.

The deadline for proposals was 4:30 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time, June 30, 2009. The project advisory committee reviewed and scored the proposals that were received and made recommendations for awarding contracts as follows:

  1. OverDrive was designated an apparent successful vendor for public libraries that currently do not have OverDrive subscriptions.
  2. OCLC NetLibrary was designated an apparent successful vendor for public, academic, and K-12 libraries in Washington.

Additional Information

A needs assessment survey was completed early on in the process. Staff from all types of Washington libraries participated in the survey. In total, the survey received over 356 responses. A summary of the survey results is available here.

The original proposal for this project was submitted by Eileen Simmons, Everett Public Library. Read the original proposal here.

An e-mail discussion list, Washington Audiobooks (WA-AUDIOBKS) has been created for the purpose of disseminating news and infomation about the project, and to provide a forum for discussing the project. To sign up for the list, visit the state library’s e-mail list page: