Sidney Robert Snyder

Born: July 30, 1926, in Kelso

Political affiliation: Democrat

Political career: 1949: Elevator operator and bill room employee at the Capitol; 1951: Bill room supervisor; 1953: Assists Chief Clerk Si Holcomb with miscellaneous tasks, but is not a session employee; 1955-1969: Assistant chief clerk under speakers John O’Brien (1955-1961), William “Big Daddy” Day (1963), Robert Schaefer (1965), and Don Eldridge (1967-69). 1969-1988: Secretary of the senate under Lieutenant Governor John Cherberg. 1990-2002: Senator, 19th District (served as caucus chair, minority leader, and majority leader). 2002: Receives Excellence in State Legislative Leadership Award; retires from senate; Delegate, Democratic National Convention (1968, 1972, 1980, 2004).

Professional career: Owner, Sid’s Market (1953-2008); founder, The Bank of the Pacific (1969); Other: real estate investor, car dealership owner

Military: Army Air Force (1945)

Personal: Married Bette Kennedy (June 30, 1951); Children: Sid Jr. (February 29, 1952), Karen (September 24, 1953), and Sally (December 9, 1955).

Death: October 14, 2012, Long Beach, Washington