Bonnie J. Dunbar PhD

Born: March 3, 1949 Sunnyside, Washington


Professional Experience:

Space Flight Experience:
STS-61A, Challenger, Oct. 30-Nov. 6, 1985;
STS-32, Columbia, Jan. 9-20, 1990;
STS-50, Columbia, June 25-July 9, 1992;
STS-71, Atlantis, June 27-July7, 1995;
STS-89, Endeavour, Jan. 22-31, 1998

Associate Fellow, AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
Elected to the National Academy of Engineers, 2002
American Ceramic Society James I. Mueller Award, Cocoa Beach, Florida 2000
Inducted into the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame, 2000
NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, 1996
NASA Outstanding Leadership Award, 1993
Fellow of American Ceramic Society, 1993
Medal of Merit, State of Washington, 2007

According to NASA, Dunbar is one of 43 American women who flew to space between 1983 and May, 2009.