The First Christian Church of Dixie, Washington

Original incorporation document dated March 29th, 1888

This information is provided courtesy of the First Christian Church of Dixie, Washington.

The First Christian Church of Dixie is the oldest Christian church in the State of Washington. It is located in a small farming community about ten miles northeast of Walla Walla. In the beginning, a group of pioneers held summer revivals and camp meetings along Dry Creek, a site about 1 ½ miles upstream from the Church’s current location. Later church meetings were held in a log cabin until the present building was constructed. On March 29, 1888 the church was incorporated and 1988 marked its centennial.

First Christian Church of Dixie

The First Christian Church of Dixie is a country church and when visitors come through the door, they are given a warm, country welcome. People have held weddings here because of its warm, country charm. The bell tower holds a large bell which is rung every Sunday prior to Sunday school and the church service. One of the attending children is given the honor of ringing this bell each Sunday.

In the early days, the church was heated with a wood stove but over the years, the building has undergone some changes. An updated heating system, cement steps with railings to the front doors, a wheelchair ramp, a bulletin board sign and a lighted cross on top of the steeple/bell tower have been added to the original territorial structure. But in spite of these changes, the First Christian Church of Dixie still retains its original warm welcome feeling.