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December 2004 - Governor Locke includes request for a pre-design in the capital budget.

January 2005 - Governor Gregoire includes the request for pre-design in the capital budget.

April & May 2005 - The Legislature and Governor directs General Administration to undertake a comprehensive pre-design study for a two block area on the north end of the west Capitol Campus to include the Heritage Center (Library and Archives facility) and an Executive Office building.

July & August 2006 - The Capitol Campus Design Advisory Committee makes final recommendations and the State Capitol Committee approves a pre-design plan for the north Capitol Campus. The recommended plan includes the demolition of the General Administration Building and the construction of the Heritage Center on the hillside to the west of the General Administration Building.

December 2006 - Governor Gregoire, in her proposed 2007-2009 capital budget, authorized the Secretary of State to construct a Heritage Center and enter into a financing contract for up to copy11 million for the project.

April 2007 - The Washington State House and Senate pass the Heritage Center Funding bill.

May 2007 - Governor Gregoire signs the bill, creating the Washington State Heritage Center.

June 2007 - Plans for $30 million fund raising campaign under way.

June 2007 to February, 2008 - Pre-design studies continue, program planning begins for Heritage Center activities.

January 2008 - Campaign Feasibility Study begins under guidance of state and community leaders.

February 2008 - Bids out for General Contractor/Construction Management (GCCM).

March 2008 - GCCM selected.

June 2008 - Campaign Feasibility Study completed; recommends staged campaign to ultimately raise $30 million for Heritage Center programming.

July 2008 - Heritage Center funding stream based on county recording fees, primarily on real estate transactions, begins.

September 2008 - Recession in real estate market begins to deepen, affecting projected income from Heritage Center funding plan.

September 2008 - Construction cost estimated at copy41 million.

September 2008 through April, 2009 - Building design completed to 80 percent level; program planning for Heritage Center activities continues.

November 2008 - Legacy Project kicks off.

January 2009 to April 2009 - Legislature faces massive revenue downturns for the state, forcing tough budget decisions. Income stream for Heritage Center begins to rebound, but doesn’t meet predictions. Treasurer's Office concerned about sufficient income stream to allow successful financing of the project. Move of GA tenants from the building delayed causing delay in projected construction start date from spring, 2010 to, at best, 2012.

February 2009 – Legacy Project rolls out first biographies/oral histories of Justice Charles Z. Smith, Adele Ferguson and Krist Novoselic.

April 2009 - Legislature adjourns, placing a hold on the Heritage Center Project to allow time for revenue stream to fully rebound and requiring the alternate sites and a reduced project be considered in order to assure revenue can support costs.

June 2009 - Heritage Center team and architects begin review of alternate sites and money-saving tactics for the Center.

June 2009 – Legacy Project presents biographies/oral histories of Justice Carolyn Dimmick and Robert Utter.

July 2009 - Heritage Center revenue rebounds and for the first time exceeds predicted monthly goal.

August 2009 – Legacy Project rolls out 6th biography/oral history, this time for Lillian Walker, Civil Rights Pioneer.

September 2009 - Revised Heritage Center concept presented to Capitol Campus Design Advisory Committee (CCDAC).

September 2009 – Two more Legacy Project biographies/oral histories are released, former astronaut Bonnie Dunbar and former Washington First Lady, Nancy Bell Evans.

November 2009 - CCDAC meets to review progress on recommendations and makes final recommendation to SCC.

December 2009 - SCC makes final recommendation on site, design and funding to Legislature.

January 2010 – Heritage Center presents “Moving Forward, Looking Back: Washington’s First Women in Government” exhibit in the lobby of the Secretary of State’s Office. Exhibit is on display through December 2010 in celebration of Washington’s Women’s Suffrage Centennial Year.

January 2010 – Over 100 people attend “The Ruddell Riddle: A Family Genealogy Workshop” sponsored by the Heritage Center, the State Library and State Archives.

February 2010 – Legacy Project presents biography of the late Washington Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn.

March 2010 – Legacy Project launches its first book, Nancy Evans: First Rate First Lady in a soft bound edition available through the State Seal Store.

March 2010 – The Heritage Center and the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library present the “Louis Braille’s 200th Birthday” exhibit in the Legislative Building honoring the development of the Braille system for the blind.

March 2010 – Washington State Supreme Court and the Heritage Center present “Washington’s First Women in Law” exhibit in the Temple of Justice.

March 2010 – The Heritage Center and the Washington State Library present a talk by Shanna Stevenson on her book, Women’s Votes, Women’s Voices.

April 2010 – Legislature adjourns special session without authorizing construction of the Heritage Center Building. Will consider Heritage Center construction in the January 2011 session.

June 2010 – Legacy Project launches its second book, Booth Who? A Biography of Governor Booth Gardner.

October 2010 – Legacy Project launches its third book, Lillian Walker Washington Civil Rights Pioneer.

April, 2011-March, 2012 - Exhibit: Young Man in a Hurry: The Life of Isaac Stevens and the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War

April, 2011 – Legislature transfers all funds (approximately copy6 million) in the Heritage Center capital account to operations funding for a number of unrelated agencies for the 2011-13 Biennium.

June, 2011 – Legislature takes no action on moving the Heritage Center building forward. The project remains on hold.

November, 2011 – Legacy Project launches its sixth book, Slade Gorton: A Half Century in Politics.

April, 2012 – Legislature transfers additional funds from Heritage Center capital account to support State Library and takes State Library funding partially out of the General Fund.

April 24, 2012-June, 2013 – Exhibit: “WE’RE STILL HERE” The Survival of Washington Indians.

June, 2012 – Legacy Project launches its seventh book, Where the Salmon Run: The Life and Legacy of Billy Frank Jr.

January, 2013 – Governor Gregoire’s budget presented to the Legislature once again sweeps the Heritage Center capital account and transfers all funds to State Library operations, effectively taking the State Library entirely out of the General Fund.

January, 2013 – The Legacy Project presents its eighth book, A Woman First: The Impact of Jennifer Dunn.

February, 2013 – Across the Aisle: Sid Snyder’s Remarkable Life in Groceries & Government, an oral history and biography is published in cooperation with the Legislative Oral History Project, entirely funded by private donations.

February, 2013 – The Legacy Project releases its tenth printed book, John Spellman: Politics Never Broke His Heart


July, 2013 – Quilts of Valor display in the Secretary of State’s office lobby, honoring the volunteers who create quilts to give to wounded and returning soldiers in honor of their service.