Specification of Responsibility and Obligation

When state drawings, specifications or any other data are used for any purpose other than for the reproduction of a state flag, the state thereby incurs no responsibility nor any obligation whatsoever; and the fact that the state may have formulated, furnished or in any way supplied said drawings, or any other data, is not to be regarded by implication or otherwise as in any manner licensing the holder or any other person or corporation, or conveying any rights or permission to manufacture, use or sell any patented invention that may in any way be related thereto or to reproduce the seal of the State of Washington.

The Washington State flag should be folded and stored in a way to preserve it from damage.

When the condition of the Washington State flag is such that it is no longer fit for display, it should be disposed of in the same manner as the U.S. flag, preferably by burning, and with the same dignity as is accorded the disposal of the U.S. flag.