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November 2003 General

House Joint Resolution 4206

Ballot Title:
The legislature has proposed a constitutional amendment on filling vacancies in legislative and partisan county elective offices.This amendment would permit newly-elected officers to take office early if the office falls vacant after the general election and the newly-elected officer is of the same political party as the former officer.
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Initiative to the People 841

Ballot Title:
Initiative Measure No. 841 concerns the repeal and future limitation of ergonomics regulations. This measure would repeal existing state ergonomics regulations and would direct the department of labor and industries not to adopt new ergonomics regulations unless a uniform federal standard is required.
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State Representative District #19 Position #2

Brian BlakeD1855664.52%
Mike KayserR1020235.48%
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State Senator District #19

Mark L. DoumitD1851563.00%
Patricia HamiltonR1087237.00%
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Court of Appeals Division I District #1 Position #3

Anne L. EllingtonNP228828100%
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Superior Ct Judge Pierce Position #17

Ronald CulpepperNP7139859.89%
Douglas A. SchaferNP4781340.11%
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