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September 1996 Primary

Attorney General

Richard PopeR41519137.18%
Richard ShepardLBP373143.34%
Christine GregoireD64003157.32%
Luanne CoachmanNLP240312.15%
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Commissioner of Public Lands

Jennifer BelcherD56700953.36%
Patrick ParrishR10887710.25%
Marc StrauchNLP255272.40%
Bruce MackeyR29169527.45%
Randy BossR695386.54%
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Brian ZetlenD61520.51%
Jay InsleeD1185719.75%
Norm MalengR1090888.97%
Gary LockeD28776223.65%
Dale ForemanR16261513.37%
Jeff PowersSWP37420.31%
Warren E. HansonR48860.40%
Ellen CraswellR18568015.26%
Bob TharpR48250.40%
Norman RiceD21288817.50%
Mohammad H. SaidD30070.25%
Jim WaldoR638545.25%
Pam RoachR295332.43%
Max EngleriusD28370.23%
Nona BrazierR212371.75%
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Insurance Commissioner

Anthony (Tony) LoweR17361016.41%
Steve SkipperR634906.00%
Brian McCullochR12451411.77%
Dave WalkerR775717.33%
Garland Dale ConnorR237692.25%
Deborah SennD57116754.00%
Steve SevickNLP235542.23%
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Lt. Governor

Ed TorresR588035.50%
Michael HackettNLP89450.84%
Art RathjenLBP119021.11%
Shawn NewmanREF107741.01%
Frank GavaldonD326583.05%
Paull ShinD23546122.02%
Gerald Clarke GoodloeR507714.75%
Brad OwenD24275722.71%
Ann AndersonR20772719.43%
Jim WestR969799.07%
Bruce BucklesR199511.87%
Bambi L. LitchmanD343263.21%
Harvey BillmaierD136131.27%
Bob OwenD445104.16%
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Secretary of State

Phyllis KenneyD38840536.45%
Gary GillNLP335713.15%
Ralph MunroR64362860.40%
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State Auditor

Brian SonntagD60366356.81%
Mike The MoverR664306.25%
Nina BeckerR19286118.15%
Robert B. Keene, Jr.R19972118.79%
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State Treasurer

Lucy DeYoungR28885728.06%
Jack KileyD15690415.24%
Mike MurphyD38226237.14%
Randolph BellR20122119.55%
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Superintendent of Public Instruction

Nancy Hidden-DodsonD539695.45%
Raul de la RosaNP376463.80%
Ron TaberNP17499017.66%
Teresa (Terry) BergesonNP37954438.31%
Gloria Guzman JohannessenNP437374.41%
O. Jerome BrownNP321273.24%
Earl LaBergeNP145401.47%
Richard A. FullerNP474384.79%
Mae Laverne LovernNP180181.82%
Chris VanceNP11964412.08%
Dan LeahyNP689946.96%
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