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September 1982 Primary

U. S. Senator

Henry M. JacksonD45058066.23%
Chris RempleSW30060.44%
King LysenIC311864.58%
Arthur BauderD47620.70%
Wm. H. DavisD67640.99%
James S. StokesD71011.04%
C.E. StitesR75421.11%
Larry PenberthyR460376.77%
Jesse ChiangIC125141.84%
Doug JewettR7361610.82%
Patrick S. McGowanR130541.92%
Clarice PrivetteR32210.47%
John PatricD54080.79%
Ken TalbottR155812.29%
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September 1980 Primary

U. S. Senator

Slade GortonR31356032.91%
Warren G. MagnusonD34847136.57%
James Sherwood StokesD183481.93%
James LevittSW42500.45%
William (Mac) McCallumR137361.44%
Barry W. McClainR71120.75%
John (Hugo Frye) PatricD101571.07%
Lloyd E. CooneyR22917824.05%
Richard K. KenneyL79510.83%
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September 1974 Primary

U. S. Senator

Jesse ChiangR311936.48%
Jack MetcalfR10361621.53%
James H. LiedkeR49891.04%
R.E. Van HornR78401.63%
Donald KnutsonR137382.85%
June RiggsR84911.76%
W.G. MagnusonD28803859.84%
John (Hugo Frye) PatricD234384.87%
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September 1972 Primary


Martin J. DurkanD19593121.48%
James A. McDermottD9915510.87%
Albert D. RoselliniD27612130.27%
Rudy ValdezD44400.49%
Earl MonaghanD52010.57%
John (Hugo Frye) PatricR33430.37%
Perry B. WoodallR10037211.00%
L.R. (Lal) KemoeR25670.28%
Daniel J. EvansR22495324.66%
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September 1970 Primary

U. S. Senator

Charles W. ElickerR332624.89%
Howard S. ReedR222933.28%
R.J. (Bob) OdmanR148562.19%
William H. DavisR112071.65%
Bill PatrickR79761.17%
Henry M. JacksonD49730973.18%
Carl MaxeyD7920111.65%
John (Hugo Frye) PatricD72671.07%
Mrs. Clarice PrivetteD62400.92%
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September 1968 Primary


John (Hugo Frye) PatricR53280.76%
Daniel J. EvansR30589743.41%
Allen J. CourterR61350.87%
Ernest T. RhodeferR88701.26%
A. F. CanwellR159822.27%
John J. O'ConnellD18296925.96%
Martin J. DurkanD16238223.04%
Jack E. TannerD171552.43%
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September 1960 Primary


Albert D. RoselliniD24457934.65%
John PatricD289704.10%
Bruce M. SigmanD240313.40%
Lloyd J. AndrewsR26389737.38%
Newman (Zeke) ClarkR14444020.46%
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1900 - 1969 was added in March, 2011. All years, 1900 - 2006, are receiving a final proof, which will be indicated under the election name. Those elections that have received a final proof of state totals will say "State Totals Proofed". Those that received a final proof of the county results will say "County Totals Proofed". County results will be proofed last.


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