About the Mock Election

The Washington State student Mock Election is held every year the week before national Election Day. Students may vote online through the week and are able to view results on Friday afternoon. Students in grades 6-12 voter on the measures and candidates that appear on the actual ballot voters use. Younger students vote on more age appropriate versions of the ballot.

To prepare for the Mock Election, a sample ballot and voters’ guide is made available. Teachers can also request “I Voted” stickers for each student and the Teaching Elections in Washington State curriculum book (which meets the common core standards and includes CBA connections) free of charge. Please visit the Teacher Resources section of the site.

The online voting process includes information about Washington’s unique Vote by Mail system and only takes about five minutes per student. To learn more, view the TVW special, Student Becoming Citizens.

What is on the ballot?
Different versions of the ballot are available to provide an age appropriate voting experience View our sample ballots and voters’ guides.

How do students cast their votes?
Online "polls" are open for voting the week before Election Day. Students vote on real ballot measures and candidates. See the Step-by-Step directions for more details.

How can I teach the Mock Election in my classroom?
Free curriculum and other classroom resources supporting the Mock Election are available to educators. Teachers are encouraged to use the Mock Election as part of a larger discussion about voting and civic engagement. See the Teaching Elections in Washington State curriculum guide and order a classroom set of “I Voted” stickers.

Do students need to pre-register?
No pre-registration is necessary; students may register and vote in one sitting. Student voter registration information is used only to generate a ballot and tabulate school election results; no personal data is recorded or distributed.

When will the Mock Election results be displayed?
Results for the Mock Election will be posted online Friday after 1:00 p.m.

Who can participate in the Student Mock Election?
Any Washington student may participate in the Mock Election. Participation is free.