Proposed Initiatives to the People - 2020

The following is a list of proposed Initiatives to the People filed to date with the Office of the Secretary of State.


Initiative numbers are not assigned until the proposal has been reviewed by the state Code Reviser and the sponsor has submitted the final language of the proposed initiative. The content of initiatives is described as general "subject matter" pending the issuance of an official ballot title and summary by the state Attorney General.

To be certified, petitions must:

  • contain the signatures of at least 259,622 registered voters.
  • be submitted no later than 5:00 pm on July 2, 2020.
  • It is recommended that sponsors submit at least 325,000 signatures to allow for invalid signatures.

Questions regarding the content of initiatives should be directed to the sponsor(s).

Filed Assigned Number Primary Sponsor Initiative Subject
1/7/2020 8:37 AM1671Michael McKeePROPERTY TAX RELIEF FOR ALL
1/9/2020 1:01 PM1672Larry JensenPersonal Protection1
1/9/2020 1:03 PM1673Larry JensenPersonal Protection2
1/9/2020 1:06 PM1674Larry JensenPersonal Protection3
1/9/2020 1:08 PM1675Larry JensenPersonal Protection4
1/7/2020 8:20 AM1676Richard PopeKEEPING ALL STUDENTS SAFE ACT v1
1/7/2020 8:23 AM1677Richard PopeKEEPING ALL STUDENTS SAFE ACT v2
1/7/2020 9:08 AM1678Regis CostelloBridge Hunger Garden Initiative
1/15/2020 9:06 AM1679Tim EymanWe Don't Want An Income Tax
1/15/2020 9:05 AM1680Tim EymanWe Don't Want An Income Tax2
1/13/2020 9:11 AM1681James AndrewsArts Education
1/7/2020 8:42 AM1682Regis CostelloCannabis Crime Not Next Door
1/7/2020 8:29 AMNot Yet AssignedLora-Ellen McKinneyCivil Rights
1/9/2020 1:10 PMNot Yet AssignedJustin ForsmanLEGALIZATION / Decriminalization of cocaine, opium, heroin, peyote, Dimethyltryptamine, psilocybin and psilocin mushrooms.
1/17/2020 1:42 PMNot Yet AssignedRichard PopeKEEPING ALL STUDENTS SAFE ACT v3
1/17/2020 1:42 PMNot Yet AssignedRichard PopeKEEPING ALL STUDENTS SAFE ACT v4
1/27/2020 8:27 AMNot Yet AssignedLarry JensenPersonal Protection1a
1/27/2020 8:28 AMNot Yet AssignedLarry JensenPersonal Protection2b
1/27/2020 8:32 AMNot Yet AssignedLarry JensenPersonal Protection3c
1/27/2020 8:33 AMNot Yet AssignedLarry JensenPersonal Protection4d
1/27/2020 8:41 AMNot Yet AssignedMatthew MarshallTerm Limits for Elected Officials
1/27/2020 8:44 AMNot Yet AssignedLarry JensenPersonal Protection7