Accessibility Grant Program

Under Section 261 of HAVA, Washington received $1,459,767 in federal grant funds from Health and Human Services (HHS) between federal fiscal years 2003 and 2009 as follows:

HHS Funding received
Federal Fiscal Year 2003 $244,039
Federal Fiscal Year 2004 $175,020
Federal Fiscal Year 2005 $175,675
Federal Fiscal Year 2006 $199,841
Federal Fiscal Year 2007 $201,385
Federal Fiscal Year 2008 $231,461
Federal Fiscal Year 2009 $232,346
Total $1,459,767

In the fall of 2007, Secretary Reed, at the recommendation of the HAVA Grant Advisory Board, established an Accessible Grant program.  This program consists of the balance of any HHS funds that have been received or will be received from HHS and an additional $1.7 million HAVA funds.  Under this grant program, both the County and the Elections Division can apply for funding that will improve elections for individuals with disabilities.   Grant cycle frequency and priorities for grant applications will be determined on a yearly basis with input from the HAVA Grant Advisory Board.

Accessibility Funding Summary
Total HHS Funding received through FY 2009 $1,459,767
HAVA Funds Reserved for Accessibility $1,900,000
Subtotal $3,359,767
Less approved grants through July 31, 2009 -$1,733,160
Total available funds $1,626,607

Grant requests included some of the following:

  • Pilot project to determine need for Regional Voting Centers
  • Accessible ballot drop boxes - see Guidelines
  • Office reconfiguration
  • Door hardware
  • Voter education and training
  • Re-surface accessible parking area
  • Mobile Voting Program
  • Improve accessibility of voter services centers and poll sites
  • Accessible signage
  • Create Braille communication
  • Temp staff positions to implement outreach activities
  • Accessibility speaker for the June Election Conference
  • Outreach to increase voter registration
  • Outreach to deaf and hard of hearing community
  • Audio/video voter guides
  • Newspaper campaign outreach
  • Pilot for online access to ballot