Suspended, Revoked & Unreasonal Risks Reports of Certification Authority licenses

Certification Authorities listed on this page have had their license suspended or revoked under the State of Washington's Electronic Authentication Act (Chapter 19.34 RCW). Clicking on the name of a Repository will provide additional documentation. To return to this page, click "Back" on your browser.

Certification Authorities — License Suspended:

ARCANVS Licenses Have Expired. Read Notice
ID Certify Licenses to expire on March 31, 2002. Read Notice

VERISIGN, INC Certification Authority License has expired as of January 31, 2011.Read Notice.pdf

Certification Authorities — Revoked:

No certification authority licenses have been revoked.

Reports of unreasonable risks of Certification Authorities:

There are no reports of unreasonable risks by certification authorities.

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