Licensed Certification Authorities - IdenTrust

Name of Licensee: IdenTrust Services, LLC (formerly known as Digital Signature Trust)

Address: 255 North Admiral Byrd Rd. Salt Lake City, Utah 84116
Points of Contact:

Jason Whitehead, Telephone: 801-924-8125

Email: [email protected]


Jennifer Twitcherll, Telephone: 801-924-8120

 Email: [email protected]


Unified Business Identification Number: 602 038 389
Certificate of Identification: Office of the Secretary of State of Washington
Government Entity (yes/no): no

Continuing License since: October 27, 2000
Expiration Date of Current License: July 11, 2013, canceled by request of IdenTrust

License classification: Full
License restrictions: License does not extend to demonstration certificates or any other certificates not covered by the Certification Practice Statement or Certificate Policy listed below.

Current Status of License: Valid
Suspensions, Revocations or Reports of Unreasonable Risk: None
Washington Secretary of State Negative Activity Report (CA)

Principal Repository: IdenTrust Services, LLC 
CA Operating Repository: IdenTrust Services, LLC
URL of Repository: DST Trustsource: :
State of Washington Certificates:

Audit report: Compliance
Certification Practice Statement submitted for licensing:

For State of Washington Certificates: State of Washington Certification Practice Statement
For State of Washington Certificate Policy: State of Washington Certificate Policy

Current Certification Practice Statement (not reviewed by the Office of the Secretary of State):

Foreign License recognized/accepted: none
Filed Judgements: none
NOTICE: Surety made out in favor of the State of Washington Surety: California Bank & Trust Address: 550 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071 Telephone: 213-593-2131 Email: not available Expiration date of the suitable guaranty: October 31, 2008

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