Certification Authority Licensing - Certification Practice Statement

A Certification Practice Statement (CPS) establishes the policies adopted by a certification authority. This document lets subscribers and relying parties know what activities the certification authority is taking on their behalf.

An applicant for licensure as a certification authority is required to submit a copy of their current Certification Practice Statement (CPS) as part of their application. It should be submitted in both paper and electronic (text) format. The applicant is also required to provide the URL where the CPS is published. The electronic version of the CPS submitted for licensing and the URL are publishes as part of the licensed certification authority’s disclosure record.

Specific requirements regarding content necessary in the CPS are contained in WAC 434-180-330, and elsewhere throughout the Electronic Authentication Act and rules. Certification Practice Statements can be updated by licensed certification authorities during the licensing period by submitting an updated CPS in both electronic and paper format to the electronic authentication program. Currently, there is no separate fee for this service.