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Search API

Search queries to our API return a maximum of 1000 results.

As of January 19, 2017 the addresses of governing persons will no longer be available for the following entity types: WA Association under Fish Marketing Act, Miscellaneous and Mutual, Public Benefit Corporation, Non-profit Corporation, Non-Profit Professional Service Corporation, Bank Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Professional Limited Liability Company, Unregistered Corporation, Limited Liability Partnership, Corporation Sole, Credit Union, Fraternal Building Association, Fraternal Society, Grange, Military Corporation, Savings and Loan Association, Joint Municipal Utility Service, Limited Partnership, Insurance Company, Limited Liability Limited Partnership.

As of September 27, 2016 the API will be served via HTTPS. While http requests will automatically be redirected to https, we advise all existing users to update their code/systems to use the secure address.

We offer a simple API for searching and retrieving corporations data which you may use in your applications and web sites. Results can be returned in JSON with padding (JSONP) and XML formats. You do not need to apply for a special key to retrieve the information.

Getting Started

The easiest way to retrieve results is to use our web site to search for the information you need, using the parameters you plan to use in your application.  On the results screen for both the results and the details of a corporation/entity, append the query string with "format=xml" or "format=json", respectively. This will give you an example of what will be returned. You can then use the final URL and modify the values as you deem necessary.


A maximum of 20 results are returned with each query.

URL: https://www.sos.wa.gov/corps/search_results.aspx

Query String Parameters:

  • name (required) - words or partial words to be found within a corporations name
  • name_type - "starts_with", "contains", or "ends_with", specifies how the values for the name parameter should function
  • criteria - "all", "exact" , in multi-word searches, this specifies how the words can or cannot appear in a corporations name
  • category - category of the corporation.
    • "na" - All
    • "BNK" - Bank
    • "COP" - Cooperative
    • "SOL" - Corporation Sole
    • "CRU" - Credit Union
    • "FMA" - Fish Marketing Act
    • "RFN" - Foreign Registration
    • "FBS" - Fraternal Building Society
    • "FRA" - Fraternal Society
    • "GRG" - Grange
    • "INS" - Insurance
    • "LLP" - Limited Liability Partnership
    • "PLC" - Limited Liability Professional
    • "LLC" - Limited Liability Regular
    • "LTD" - Limited Partnership
    • "MAS" - Massachusetts Trust
    • "MIL" - Military
    • "MMC" - Miscellaneous and Mutual
    • "PRO" - Professional Service
    • "PBC" - Public Benefit Corporation
    • "PUB" - Public Utilities
    • "REG" - Regular Corporation
    • "RES" - Reservation of Name
    • "SAL" - Savings and Loan
    • "CAS" - Special Cooperative
  • active - status of the corporation.  "A" for active, "T" for inactive, "NA" for either
  • agent_name - name or partial name of registered agent
  • city - city of registered agent's address
  • zip - zip of registered agent's address
  • date1 - beginning date of date range for date of incorporation (format: MM-DD-YYYY)
  • date2 - ending date of date range for date of incorporation (format: MM-DD-YYYY)
  • start - number in the results set to begin the search. For example, if a query returns 1000 results, specifying a start of 80 would return results 80 through 99 in the list.
  • format - "json" or "xml"
  • callback - for json format, this value must be supplied for cross-site scripting access. Use "?" with jquery.






Corporation Details

URL: https://www.sos.wa.gov/corps/search_detail.aspx

Query String Parameters:

  • ubi - UBI of the corporation/entity
  • format - "json" or "xml"
  • callback - for json format, this value must be supplied for cross-site scripting access. Use "?" with jquery.






Support and Feedback

We are happy to answer general questions regarding the API. Due to limited resources we cannot offer specific help with the programming or the integration of the output into your application or system.  Please send questions and comments to [email protected].