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Registered Agent Requirements

The new law regarding Registered Agents and the Commercial Registered Agent Listing can be found at RCW 23.95 Article 4. It is encouraged that you familiarize yourself with it.

Registered agent responsibilities have not changed. Both domestic and foreign entities are required to maintain a registered agent. All registered agents must maintain a street address in Washington State for service of process, notice, or demand. An alternate mailing address can be provided, but it must also be in Washington State. The Secretary of State's Office mails all notices to the registered agent, unless directed otherwise by the entity.

RCW 23.95.425 creates two types of Registered Agent, the Commercial Registered Agent and the Non-Commercial Registered Agent. A person or a business may be listed as a commercial registered agent by delivering to the secretary of state for filing a Commercial-Registered-Agent Listing Statement. Changes can be made to the Commercial Registered Agent by recording a Statement-Of-Change-By-Commercial-Registered-Agent.

Commercial Registered Agents will be displayed on our website as such after the listing statement has been recorded.

A Non-Commercial Registered Agent may be an individual or entity, but must have a physical address in Washington.  They, too may have an additional mailing address in Washington. The designation of a registered agent is made during the formation or registration of an entity, but may be changed at any time with a Statement of Change.