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Corporations for Communities Nomination Criteria

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Businesses Must Have Demostrated One Of The Following:

  • A commitment to corporate giving
  • A drive to improve local and/or regional social conditions
  • A culture of giving within their organizations

Eligibility Requirements

  • Any for-profit Corporation, LLC, or Limited Partnership, large or small is eligible for this award.
  • Nominee's must be registered with the Washington Secretary of State and the contribution for which they are being nominated must have impacted Washington State and/or its residents.
  • Businesses that receive any direct monetary or political gain for their generosity, or those required by court mandate to give back to the community are not eligible for consideration.
  • Businesses may be recognized for ongoing commitments or for single acts.
  • Businesses must declare to be in compliance with all local and federal laws.
  • Previous recipients of this award may be nominated and receive this award.
  • Substantially incomplete nominations may not be considered.
  • One person may nominate multiple businesses for this award.
  • Forms may be completed online at Corporations for Communities Nomination Form or mailed to:

Attention: Patrick Reed
Office of the Secretary of State
Division of Corporations and Charities
PO Box 40234
Olympia, WA 98504 or [email protected]

Nomination schedule will be announced prior to opening and through the closing date.