Need a Replacement Confirmation Letter?

The Charities Program issues an Confirmation Letter with each successful initial and renewal registration pursuant to Washington's Charitable Solicitations Act, RCW 19.09. The Confirmation Letter is the organization's proof of current registration.

If the organization participates in fundraising campaigns with charitable organizations or the Washington State Combined Fund Drive, it may be asked to produce a copy of its Confirmation Letter. Likewise, potential donors may ask to see proof of an organization's registration status. For these reasons, the Charities Program encourages registered organizations to retain their Confirmation Letter as part of their internal records.

Currently registered charitable organizations may purchase a replacement Confirmation Letter for a $5.00 fee by filling out the form below. You will need a MasterCard, Visa or American Express to place your order.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact the Charities Program at or call (360) 725-0378.

Purchase a Replacement Confirmation Letter

You may purchase a replacement letter by filling out the form below. Upon payment you will be able to print and save a PDF version of the document.

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