Laws Related to Charitable Organizations, Commercial Fundraiser and Charitable Trusts

Below are the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and Washington Administrative Code (WAC) regarding Charitable Organizations, Commercial Fundraisers, and Charitable Trusts operating in Washington State. You can learn more about RCWs and WACs from the Washington State Legislature.


Charitable Solicitations Act, Chapter 19.09 RCW

19.09.010 Purpose.
19.09.020 Definitions.
19.09.075 Charitable organizations -- Application for registration -- Contents -- Fee.
19.09.076 Charitable organizations -- Application for registration -- Exemptions -- Soliciting contributions.
19.09.079 Commercial fund raisers -- Application for registration -- Contents -- Fee.
19.09.085 Registration -- Duration -- Change -- Notice to reregister.
19.09.095 Repealed.
19.09.097 Contract with commercial fund raiser -- Limitations -- Registration form -- Contents -- Copy -- Fee.
19.09.100 Conditions applicable to solicitations.
19.09.210 Financial statements.
19.09.440 Annual report by secretary of state.
19.09.500 Charitable organizations -- Financial reports and information.
19.09.510 Charitable organization education program.
19.09.520 Charitable organization education program -- Fees.
19.09.530 Charitable organization education account.
19.09.540 Rules -- Tiered independent financial reporting.
19.09.550 Charitable advisory council.
19.09.560 Reciprocal agreements with other states.
NOTES: Fees -- Charitable trusts -- Charitable solicitations: RCW 43.07.125.
Telephone, solicitation regulated: RCW 80.36.390

Charitable Trust Act, Chapter 11.110 RCW

11.110 Charitable Trusts.

Charitable Solicitation and Charitable Trusts, Chapter 434-120 WAC

WAC 434-120 The document is in Adobe Acrobat Format, which requires the Acrobat Reader for display. It can be obtained free of charge from the Adobe Web Site.