Give Wisely

couple looking over financial documents

“Give Wisely” is the Secretary of State’s outreach campaign to educate donors in Washington State.   Our mission is to provide tools and information so donors have the knowledge to make informed giving decisions. 

To assist us in achieving this mission, the Charities and Nonprofit Education Program has produced several resources:

These are ideal resources to share with senior centers, retirement communities, nonprofit and civic organizations.

If you would like to receive a Give Wisely packet containing these resources, please complete the request form at the right of this page and one will be mailed to you. Or, if you prefer to have someone from the Secretary of State’s Office present it to your group, we would be happy to make arrangements to present the information in person!

"Give Wisely" packet contains:

Presentation talking points card, 1 "Giving Wisely" DVD, 15 "Give Wisely" Brochures, 1 Checklist tablet for telephone solicitations, 1 "Plan for Giving Wisely" tablet, 10 Reference Guide magnets, 10 Give Wisely Charities Contact Info Magnets.