Tuesday March 13th through Monday March 19th, Department of Revenue will be releasing its new tax system. During that time business licenses will be accepted at DOR but will not be processed until the 19th. Please prepare accordingly. The Secretary of State does not have the ability to file or make changes to business licenses.

Can't Find Information on a Specific Charity or Fundraiser?

You've been approached by a person or organization that is asking for a contribution, but after a little research, you’re unable to find information that the organization has registered with the Charities Program – what do you do?

Please contact a member of the Charities Program by calling 800-332-4483 and be prepared to provide as much information as possible. You may reach a Charities Customer Service Representative at 800-332-4483. If you prefer, send the following information to a Charities Customer Service Representative at charities@sos.wa.gov

  • Your Name
  • Your Phone number (in case we have additional questions)
  • Name of the Organization that contacted you for a contribution
  • How was the contact made? (Phone, mail, etc.)
  • Any additional information you feel might be helpful