All branches and facilities of the Washington State Archives are closed to the public until at least April 6th. For more information, please visit our page regarding the closure.

Basics of Managing Records

This quick informational session will be held in conjunction with our Improving Your Agency’s Records Management Program Workshop. The session will include a quick overview of how to manage the records (electronic and paper) that local and state government entities create and receive each day. It covers:

  1. What is a public record?
  2. How long do records need to be kept?
  3. What can be destroyed and what goes to the State Archives?
  4. How can Washington State Archives help your agency?
  5. Where can I learn more about managing records?
This class also satisfies the records retention portion of Open Government Trainings Act requirements for Elected/Appointed Officials, Public Records Officers, and Records Officers/Managers.
Intended Audiences:
  • Any employees of state and local government agencies who create or receive records;
  • Records Officers/Managers and Public Records Officers new to the field or needing a refresher.
Date & Time Start:
05-20-2020 08:45 AM
Date & Time End:
05-20-2020 09:15 AM
Ferry County Fairgrounds, 12 Fairgrounds Road
Carousel Building, Meeting Room
About 2 miles E of downtown Republic on Sherman Pass Scenic Byway (WA-20 E/WA-21 N)
Republic, WA 99166

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