Improving Your Agency’s Records Management Program Workshop

This workshop will equip those responsible for their agency’s records management program with the skills, tools, and knowledge needed for a running a successful program.

Group discussions/activities will focus on:

  • Implementing the Ten Leading/Best Practices at your agency;
  • Promoting Records Management in your agency; and
  • Networking within your agency and beyond.

Intended Audience: State and Local Agency Records Officers/Managers responsible for coordinating records management at their agency.

*** For those new to records management – join us at 8:45 am for a 30-min "Basics of Managing Records" session ***
Date & Time Start:
09-18-2020 09:30 AM
Date & Time End:
09-18-2020 01:00 PM
Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue Administrative Building
5300 NW Newberry Hill Road
Suite 101
Silverdale, WA, WA 98383

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