Local Government CORE Schedule and Imaging Updates Training Session

This half day session will familiarize local government agencies with recent changes and revisions to Version 2.2 to the Local Government Common Records Retention Schedule (CORE). These changes were approved by the Local Records Committee in December 2011. The session will also introduce the updated imaging requirements and guidelines for agencies seeking authority to “scan and toss” paper-based source documents that have been scanned for electronic retention.

The workshop is intended for local government personnel who have records management responsibilities and already have a working knowledge of the CORE schedule. The session is also intended for those who are currently in the process of scanning paper-based public records for electronic retention, or those who expect to do so in the future.

Key content for this workshop includes:

  • Records series that have been discontinued, consolidated, or newly created;
  • Increases and decreases in minimum retention periods;
  • Formatting changes to the schedule;
  • Plans for future retention schedule revisions;
  • Technical requirements for agencies that want to scan and destroy paper records;
  • Procedural requirements for agencies that want to scan and destroy paper records.

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