ECM Initiative - Public Records and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Tools

It is even more critical now than ever before to apply the principles of information governance and manage public records and information. The costs of managing the epic volumes of records and information continues to increase both in storing massive amounts of information and in loss of operational efficiencies. No one benefits from digital hoarding!

These challenges are directly related to the impact of technology on public records.

A Performance Audit completed by the State Auditor’s Office on August 29, 2016 reported on the costs of public records requests - which amounted to 60 million dollars alone in the most recent year. The same report also pointed out that a strategic approach to records management is a key step to better disclosure efforts and the reduction of risk.

Records and information are a core asset of any organization and should be treated as such.

One of the components of the ECM Initiative is to assist agencies in finding the right solutions to help solve the issues outlined in the Performance Audit. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems help agencies manage the requirements and responsibilities for retention and destruction of public records in a defensible manner, which in turn helps to manage public records requests efforts and reduce costs.

As of November 15, 2015 there were 4 vendors awarded a statewide master contracts for Enterprise Content Management Systems. A team of over 35 specialists and subject matter experts from multiple state and local government agencies and from IT disciplines plus users, legal, risk, and records management weighed in to ensure any requirements and needs were addressed by these systems.

As a result of this collaborative effort, agencies can be assured that these systems will protect and manage their public records throughout their entire lifecycle “from cradle to grave”.

The Department of Enterprise Services is the agency that administers these master contracts, as they do for many other types of statewide master contracts for purchasing goods and services. Here’s the link to the Enterprise Content Management Master Contracts Summary page:

Any questions related to the contract and procurement processes please contact:

Contact Info: Master Contracts & Consulting – Mike Dombrowsky at (360) 407-8717.

The following vendors have completed master contracts:

Here’s the direct link to the individual vendors and contact information:

Please bear in mind no one is required to make any changes to their current system or any existing contracts nor it is required to use an ECM system. However, using an ECM system is an excellent idea and worth exploring as a real solution to the many issues facing agencies today including public disclosure and risk mitigation. Use of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system helps an agency to “unsilo” and effectively manage their records and information.