Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Initiative

Purpose for Initiative

The purpose of this statewide initiative is to assist agencies and do the “heavy lifting” that comes with developing an RFP for an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system and to facilitate and support implementation of these systems in a way that is both effective and affordable for agencies.

A multi-agency and multi-disciplinary team will select and satisfy competition for a limited number of ECM systems and options that will meet the business and legal needs agency. The team will also look for those systems that offer a “user-friendly” experience, workflow improvement and the ability to automate processes. These systems will also meet the requirements for public records that apply to all government agencies in the state as well as other requirements that the state has for security and protection of records and data.

As agencies implement breakthrough principles and guidance with an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System in their own initiatives, employees will be able to effectively organize, manage, and use electronic documents and unstructured data as a critical agency asset. Agencies will be able to resolve electronic records disorganization and proliferation issues, and the related problems that flow from those issues such as public disclosure and compliance with the statutory requirements found in Chapter RCW 40.14 and Chapter RCW 42.56.