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Updating State Agency Schedules Workshop

This is a small group workshop (limited to 8 participants) which covers the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to update your agency’s records retention schedule.

Group discussions/activities will focus on:
  • Drafting records series descriptions;
  • Determining retention periods, cut-offs/triggers, and designations;
  • Organizing schedules into function/activity groupings;
  • Formatting the schedule;
  • Completing the Summary of Changes document; and
  • Approval process.
Participants are encouraged to bring items that need changing with their existing records retention schedule to use as examples in the group exercises.

Intended Audiences...
  • State Agency Records Officers and others involved with updating state agency records retention schedules.
  • This workshop is not relevant for local governments.
Date & Time Start:
06-15-2023 09:00 AM
Date & Time End:
06-15-2023 12:00 PM

Webinar, WA