Records Management 101 Training Session

This session covers the fundamentals of public records management for local and state government agencies in Washington State. It includes requirements and guidelines for the retention, preservation, and disposition of public records in all formats.

This half-day workshop combines and updates content from the Basics of Public Records Management and Electronic Records Management modules that were offered in 2011. It is intended to orient those who are new to public records management, and is also appropriate as new to public records management, and is also appropriate as a periodic refresher or update for more experienced records managers.

Key content for this workshop includes:

  • Statutory basis and requirements for public records management in Washington State;
  • How to use Washington State Archives records retention schedules;
  • How to lawfully retain and destroy public records;
  • How to transfer historically significant records to Washington State Archives;
  • How to implement records retention requirements with electronic records, including email, databases, websites, social media, and more;
  • Other available resources from Washington State archives.

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