Public schools are required to accept and use the substitute address as the legal address of an ACP family when presented with an ACP authorization card. All student records must show only the ACP substitute address to protect students. The location of the actual residence is not permitted.

Schools are allowed to make a copy of the card and are encouraged to do so to ensure student safety. Schools are also encouraged to contact ACP to verify that the family is actively enrolled in the ACP program.

The ACP participant is encouraged to provide the school with emergency contact information for the child or children. If an ACP participant requests transportation, the parent or guardian must provide the drop-off and pick-up location.

The school is authorized to use the ACP substitute address for regular 1st class correspondence and forwarding records.

ACP Authorization Card Front
The ACP has updated program participant authorization cards. Both card formats are valid through December 31, 2020. New ACP Authorization Card Images
The following mail format is recommended for timely forwarding of student mail:

Student and/or Parent Name

PMB #### (ACP Authorization Code number)

PO Box 257

Olympia, WA 98507-0257

School District Eligibility

Upon request from the family or the school, ACP staff may send a letter verifying the residence is within district boundaries. Staff will mail the verification letter to the ACP participant and ask that the participant redact their residential address from the letter. The letter can be shared with the district or school.

Toll Free (WA only)
(800) 822-1065

(360) 753-2972

(360) 586-4388

PO Box 257
Olympia, WA