Polls favor modified blanket primary

News Release
Issued: January 28, 2004

Recent public polling indicates Washington voters strongly favor a primary system that protects their privacy and allows them to support the person rather than the political party. Since the United States Supreme Court may ultimately declare Washington’s blanket primary unconstitutional, two systems have emerged as alternatives – the Modified Blanket Primary and a Montana-style open primary. December 2003 Elway Poll One alternative would allow you to vote for candidates of any party in the September Primary, as you do now. The difference would be that the top two vote-getters in the primary – regardless of party – would face each other in the general election.

Poll pie chart

This means that two candidates of the same party could be on the final ballot, instead of one Democrat and one Republican, as is the case now. Does this plan sound to you like a ...

A Good Idea...14
An Interesting Idea That Might Work...29
An Interesting Idea That Probably Would Not Work...18
A Bad Idea...35
Don't Know/Not Applicable...3

One alternative would have voters choose a party ballot at the time you vote. For the September Primary election, your ballot would contain only the candidates of the party you selected. You would not be able to go back and forth between the parties from race to race as you do now. Does this plan sound to you like a ...

A Good Idea...10
An Interesting Idea That Might Work...10
An Interesting Idea That Probably Would Not Work...6
A Bad Idea...68
Don't Know/Not Applicable...5

If you had to choose one or the other, would you prefer:

A. The method in which the top two vote-getters advance to the general election, regardless of party... 56
B. The method in which Primary Election voters choose a ballot of a single party... 30
Don’t Know/Not Applicable ...15

Source: The Elway Poll 206-264-1500