2006 Primary 93% vote by mail

News Release
Issued: October 16, 2006

Olympia...Secretary of State Sam Reed announced today that 93% of Washington voters who cast ballots in the September Primary voted by mail.

"These results are stunning," remarked Reed. "Even in the counties maintaining polling locations 82.8% of voters who participated in the Primary cast their ballots by mail."

As Washington's elections shift more toward vote by mail, thirty-four counties conduct all-mail elections.

Counties with operational poll sites include King, Kittitas, Klickitat, Island, and Pierce.

King and Pierce are the state's two largest counties, containing approximately 41% of Washington's registered voters. Even in these two counties more than 80% of Primary voters chose to cast their ballots by mail.

The state's 34 all vote by mail counties averaged a voter turnout of 41%, while the state's poll site counties averaged a voter turnout of 36%.

"The trend towards vote by mail has been evident for years and these numbers reflect it," stated Reed. "People like voting by mail – most importantly they spread their ballots out across the kitchen table and really study the issues and candidates."

Statewide 1,173,528 votes were cast by mail out of a total 1,261,030 votes cast in the September 19, 2006 Primary.

As required by law, every Washington county has at least one poll site so citizens with disabilities may vote on special equipment and cast a secret ballot.