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Leisure and Entertainment

Resources to help people find entertainment or leisure activities at little or no cost: parks, community events, etc.

About.com: Attractions in Washington State
A comprehensive list that includes casinos, zoos, tours and cruises, getaways, shopping and museums.

ElSurfo: Things to Do in Washington
ElSurfo is a family-friendly guide to the Internet. Things to Do in Washington features numerous links, including museums, parks, wineries and breweries, fairs, theme parks, events, and other attractions.

Experience Washington: Official Website of Washington State Tourism
Find things to do in Washington in the categories of Wine & Cuisine, Arts, Culture & Heritage, Natural Beauty, Outdoor Activites, and Scenic Byways.

Gorp.com: Washington State Travel & Outdoor Recreation Guide
Break down into region, or browse by activity, such as bird-watching and skiing.

The Simple Dollar: 100 Things to Do During a Money-Free Weekend
As the title suggests, this post offers 100 ideas for things to do on the weekend, none of which cost a dime!

TripAdvisor.com: Things to Do in Washington
Separated by area, so you can easily find things to do without having to travel far.

Washington State Tourist Attractions
Pretend you're a tourist and check out some of the natural and man-made beauty your state has to offer.

Washington State Parks
Check out some of the beautiful state parks throughout Washington State.

Wisebread: Free and Cheap Things to Do in Seattle
Lots of cheap activities in the Emerald City. Check out some of Wisebread's other posts on frugal living.



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