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Lois North
Best known forState Senator

  Born1922, Berkeley, Alameda County, California, USA
  EducationU.C. Berkeley, B.A. and General Secondary Teaching Credentials. Columbia University, graduate work


  • Teacher.
  • Chair. King County-Metro Consolidation Advisory Committee.
  • Chair. Elevated Transportation Company Council.
  • State Representative. House of Representatives. Republican. 44th District (King County), Washington. 1969 - 1975. 6 year(s). House Republican Caucus Secretary, 1971-1975. 1969 on the committees of Education and Libraries; Local Government; Revenue and Taxation. 1971 on the committees of Appropriation; Elections and Apportionment; Local Government; Natural Resources and Ecology. 1973 on the committees of Ecology; Local Government; Social and Health Services.
  • State Senator. Senate. Republican. 44th District (King County), Washington. 1975 - 1979. 4 year(s). 1977 on the committees of Ecology; Local Government; Social and Health Services. 1979 on the committees of Ecology; Energy and Utilities; Local Government.
  • County Councilmember. King County. 1980 - 1991. 11 year(s). Chair in 1982, 1990, and 1991.
  • Member. Central Puget Sound Growth Management Hearings Board. 2000 - 2006. 6 year(s). Appointed by Governor Locke.
  • Warren G. Magnuson Award, Municipal League (2004).
  • Woman of the Year Award, League of Women Voters (1991).
Affiliations:Board Member, Swedish Hospital/ Ballard Campus Foundation
Municipal League of King County,
Planned Parenthood,
President, Seattle League of Women Voters
Trustee, Board of NW hospital



“North says no to fourth county council term,” by Mary Rothschild, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 5, 1991. “Reading Orchids Gives Lois North’s Morale a Boost—Council Representative has Served Shoreline Area for 22 Years,” by Judy Van Deen, The Seattle Times, March 28, 1990.