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Warren "Maggie" Magnuson
Best known forU.S. Senator

  Born04/12/1905, Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota, USA
  ParentsWilliam Magnuson, Emma Magnuson
  Military ServiceUnited States Navy, rank of lieutenant commander, during World War II.
  EducationUniversity of North Dakota. North Dakota State College. University of Washingon (1926), graduated from law school (1929).
  MarriagesJermaine Peralta Magnuson 1964, Washington D.C., County Unknown, Married by Senate Chaplain Rev. Dr. Frederick Brown Harris in a hotel suite at the Shoreham Hotel. President Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson were in attendance.
Eleanor Peggy Maddieux "Peggins" 1928, Miss Seattle. Divorced in 1935.
  Death05/20/1989, Seattle, King County, Washington, USA
  BuriedAcacia Memorial Park and Funeral Home, Lake Forest Park, King County, Washington, USA


  • Attorney and Lobbyist. Northwest Airlines.
  • Ice Vendor. Teamster Union.
  • Delegate. State constitutional convention, Washington. 1933. 1 year(s). Leader in the 1932 repeal of state laws prohibting the sale and consumption of alcohol. Supported legislation to establish the Washington State Liquor Control Board (public alcohol monopoly. .
  • Prosecuting Attorney. King County, Washington. 1934 - 1936.
  • State Representative. Democrat. 37th District, Washington. 1934 - 1936. 2 year(s). $10 miilion bond issues to hire unemployed workers on public works projects. .
  • U.S. Representative. Democrat. 1937 - 1944. 7 year(s). Elected to the fity-fith congress and the three succeeding congresses. Was endorsed by the Commonwealth Federation. Won assignment to the Naval Affairs Committee and secured millions of dollars in appropriations for the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington. Sponsored bills that created the National Cancer Institute and the Alaskan International Highway Commission.
  • U.S. Senator. Democrat. 1944 - 1981. 37 year(s). Defeated Harry P.Cain. Roosevelt appointed Magnuson with the Senate seat. Chairman of Committee on Interstate and Foriegn Commerce(Eighty-fourth through Eighty-seventh Congresses), Committee of Commerce(Eighty-eighth through Ninety-fifth Congresses), Committee on Congress, Science and Transportation(Ninety-fifth Congress)and Committee on Appropriations (Ninety-fifth and Ninety-sixth Congresses).
  • Seattle's Magnuson Park named in his honor (1977).
  • Lasker Award (10/20/1973).
  • Warren G. Magnuson Puget Sound Legacy Award.
  • University of Washington's Health Sciences building named after Warren Magnuson (1970).
  • Washington State Democratic Party holds an annual Magnuson awards dinner.
  • Intercollegiate College of Nursing building in Spokane, Washington named after Magnuson.
Affiliations:Founder, The Young Democrats of Washington
Secretary, Seattle Municipal League (1930 and 1931)
Notes:Admitted to the bar in 1929. Proponet of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, pushed through Title II, which outlawed racial discrimination in public accomodationss. Magnuson initiated the public interest revolution in Congress. "Combined hard work and legisltaive accomplishment with a flamboyant bachelor lifestyle" (HistoryLink). As a senaotr Magnuson supported construction of dams on the Columbia River to provide hydroelectric power amd water to irrigate the Columbian basin (1954). Federal funds for the Forward Thrust rail transit systems (local bonds failed at the polls in 1968 and 1970) and for Metro Transit (1972). Directed $20 millon in Housing and Urban Development to Victor Steinbrueck for renovating Seattle's Pike place Market Park. Garnered $1 billion in emergency diaster relief after Mt. St. Helens errupted. Sponsored Senate legislation in creating a National Health Insitute, which formed the core of the National Institutes of Health (1948), funded Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, named after a popular Seattle Rainiers baseball star who died of cancer (1964), and sponsored a bill creating the National Health Service Corps, provides funds for docotrs to serve communities that lack medical care (1970). Produced for the consumer protection and public interest legislation the Safe Drinking Water Act, Fair Credit Advertising Act, Door to Door Sales Act and laws that required warnings on cigarettes, regulated automobile saftey, manufactures to live up to promises on warranties and set standards for children's toys. Promoted the Flammable Fabrics Act, protected children by requiring that sleepware be flame resistant, and the Packaging and Labeling Act, required that all food products be accurately labeled with their ingredients and quantity. Opened relations with China. Legislation includes the Magnuson Fisheries Conservation and Management Act and the Magnuson Act. By extending U.S. territorial waters, the legislation increased the government's ability to manage and control fisheries. Sponsored the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Marine Mammal Protection Act which preserved local seals, sea lions, sea otters and whales population. Helped Magnuson make the Puget Sound off limits to supertankers (oil tankers). Dixie Lee Ray denounced the senator as a "dictator".



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