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Ernest Lister
Best known forGovernor

  Born06/15/1870, Halifax, West Yorkshire County, England
  ParentsJeremiah H. Lister,
  EducationBusiness College.
  MarriagesMary Alma Thornton 02/28/1893, Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington, USA
  ChildrenFlorence Lister. John Ernest Lister.
  Death06/14/1919, Seattle, King County, Washington, USA
  BuriedTacoma Cemetery, Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington, USA


  • Shop Operator. Operated a woodworking shop in Tacoma.
  • Owner. Lister Construction Company. 1903-1912. Also President of Lister Manufacturing Company in Tacoma.
  • City Councilmember. Populist. Tacoma, Washington. 1894.
  • Chair. Democrat. State Board of Control, Washington. 1897 - 1901. After managing Governor John Rogers campaign, he was appointed chair of the State Board of Control which was in charge of the state's welfare institutions.
  • Governor. Democrat, Washington. 01/11/1913 - 06/14/1919. Elected governor in 1912, re-elected in 1916. Died in office.
Notes:Changed from Populist to Democrat in 1900.