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Margaret Hurley
Best known forState Senator

  EducationHoly Names Normal School, teaching certificate, B.A. Eastern Washington College of Education, post graduate work.
  MarriagesLeonard A. Peterson "Pete" 1991,
Joseph Hurley , Died in 1968. 4 children.


  • Teacher.
  • State Representative. Democrat. 3rd District (Spokane County), Washington. 1953 - 1979. 26 year(s). In 1977 and 1979 chair of Parks and Recreation. Assistant floor leader for the Dissident Democrats, 1963. Minority Caucus Chair, 1971.
  • State Senator. Democrat, Washington. 1979 - 1985. 6 year(s).
  • Woman of the Year, Spokane County Business and Professional Women (1968).
Affiliations:Eastern Washington University Foundation,
National Order of Women Legislators,
Notes:Interests included: enviromental issues, Washington State Parks, not driving on ocean beaches, welfare education, anti-abortion, regulating charities, education and taxation.


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