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Emma Taylor Harman
Best known forState Representative

  Born1912, Napavine, Lewis County, Washington, USA
  EducationRenton High School
  • Vice Chair. Democrat. Washington State Democratic Central Committee.
  • Officer. Democrat. Thirty-fourth District Precinct Committee Officer.
  • State Representative. Democrat. 31st District. 1941 - 1945. 2 year(s). In 1941 on the committees of Agriculture; Constitutional Revision; Elections and Privilages; Engrossment; Flood Control; Unemployment Relief and Public Welfare. On the committees of Agriculture; Constitutional Revision; Roads and Bridges; State Library; Unemployment Relief and Public Welfare in 1943.
Affiliations:Thirty-Fourth District Democrats,
Washington Commonwealth Federation,
Washington State Grange,
Notes:Interested in pensions, workers' protection, public power, widows' rights, good roads, equalizing school opportunities, consolidation of school districts, rural libraries, and graduated net income tax.



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