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What They Have in Common: More about the featured women

  • Five were attorneys: Dimmick, Gregoire, Hayner, Hurn, Senn
  • Two were physicians: Axtell, Croake
  • Six were teachers: Axtell, Hurn, Murray, Preston, Ray, Reeves
  • All 14 women received higher education.
  • Four were presidential appointees: Axtell, Dimmick, May, Ray
  • Six were Republicans: Axtell, Hayner, Hurn, Landes, May, Preston
  • Six were Democrats: Belcher, Gregoire, Murray, Ray, Reeves, Senn
  • One was Progressive: Croake
  • Dimmick was the only non-partisan
  • Five were from Eastern Washington: Hayner, Hurn, May, Preston, Reeves
  • Nine were from Western Washington: Axtell, Belcher, Croake, Dimmick, Gregoire, Landes, Murray, Ray, Senn
  • Two were suffragists: Axtell, Croake
  • Eleven were married: Axtell, Croake, Dimmick, Gregoire, Hayner, Landes, May, Murray, Preston, Reeves, Senn
  • Nine were mothers: Axtell, Dimmick, Gregoire, Hayner, Landes, May, Murray, Reeves, Senn